Vietnam 2023 Family Tour

12, December, 2022

Vietnam 2023 Family Tour

Vietnam 2023 Tour: Why you bring your kids when you travel

Vietnam is a promising location in Asia for a lovely family vacation because it is a safe and friendly nation. Due to its welcoming and secure living conditions, Vietnam is also known as a safe stop for a trip with the entire family.

Want to know why you should bring your kids along when traveling to Vietnam? In this post, we'll outline the top five (5) reasons to bring your kids on a family trip to Vietnam as well as the benefits they'll experience there.

Top Reasons to Visit Vietnam with your Kids

1. Vietnam is safe-living environment and welcoming country
When determining whether to take their kidson a trip overseas, parents always carefully assess how secure the destination countries are. They do worry about their own and their children's safety, as is their norm. Additionally, it makes sense to research a country's history before visiting, especially if you have young children.
Vietnam is a country with a growing tourism industry and a culture that combines traditional and modern, national and international. Vietnam is a stable nation in terms of politics, economy, and society, and its citizens are known for being amiable and kind. So once you're in Vietnam, your family will feel like home.
Youth make up the majority of the population in Vietnam today. They are Westernized, knowledgeable, and very willing to assist.

The main populace in Vietnam nowadays is young people. They are open-minded, knowledgeable, Westernized and very eager to help and make friends. Also, Vietnamese people regardless of age or gender always adore the children, don’t be much surprised if someone asks you to take some photos with your kids.

2. Vietnam’s active family activities
There are a variety of activities available at each resort in Vietnam for your family, even the little ones, if your family enjoys an active vacation. Set up your seat, then embark on an enjoyable cyclo tour to visit the busy and chaotic Hanoi Old Quarter. Through enjoyable boat tours, let your mind wander through the breathtaking mountain scenery of Ninh Binh or the simple rural vistas of the Mekong Delta. Nearly all lodgings in Ninh Binh provide complimentary bicycles. Don't be hesitant to take your kids on a bike tour through Tam Coc's lush green paddies; alternatively, Sapa or Hoi An Ancient Town are also beautiful locations for biking and culture-exploring activities.

family biking tour in hoi an

3. Your Kids will love the stunning Vietnam Cuisine
Vietnam is a gourmet lover's heaven with amazing cuisine. Your family will undoubtedly fall in love with a vast variety of regional cuisine offered here, with each specialty offering an abundance of fresh, fragrant, and palate-pleasing flavors that reach from the North to the South. All of these Vietnam meals, from street sellers selling snacks or tropical fruits to standard eateries serving different varieties of local noodles or other street cuisine to chic restaurants with excellent design and décor, are a fusion of taste, flavor, and artistic skill created by Vietnamese people. Your kids won't be in danger if they sample some new meals because local food in Vietnam is known for being both healthful and simple to digest.

4. Vietnam has the top best beaches in Southeast Asia
Vietnam has a long coastline and numerous lovely beaches that are ideal locations for your family to enjoy sun, sand, and sea as well as participate in exciting watersports. There is no better way to unwind than by diving into a pool of cool, azure water and then basking in the warmth of the tropical sun. You can sunbathe on the beaches while the kids run around and construct sandcastles. Keep in mind to carry any essential items that are frequently used outside, especially for your kidswhose skin is considerably more delicate than adults'. Top-choice beaches in Vietnam that draw a lot of foreign visitors are mostly found in the South, where the sun shines more and the weather is milder than it is in the North. Examples of these beaches include Danang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and Phu Quoc Island..

5. An impression of timeless beauty
Want to have a record of your entire family traveling abroad? Your destination is Vietnam. There are countless magical locations where your family can experience the allure of this lovely S-shaped country, including Halong Bay's exceptional mighty karst formation over the water, Ninh Binh's breathtaking scenery, the dramatic scenery of terraced fields and jaw-dropping mountain passes in remote mountainous areas, Hue or Hoi An Ancient Town's nostalgic and peaceful allure, and the country's enticing white sandy beaches and secluded bays. Vietnam will always exceed your expectations with its timeless beauty, both in the natural scenery and the historic architecture.

family tour in halong bay

What your Kids get after Traveling to Vietnam

1. Unforgettable experiences
Any traveler, regardless of age or generation, hopes to return from a trip with a few memorable experiences from places they've never been. The young travelers in your family had time to travel with their parents after a wonderful trip to Vietnam. It is not bothersome where you go, what is important is who you will go with and what you’ve had together. Travelling with dearest members in your family is surely one of the most precious moments in your whole lifetime.   

2. Gain an insight into the culture & customs of Asian Country
Constantly open to learning new things. To your children, experiencing local life firsthand in a place like Vietnam that has a different culture, climate, and way of life from other Asian nations is far more realistic than any book or video. Through traditional values, festivals, and everyday life, not only you but also the kids will gain a thorough understanding of indigenous culture.

3. Eye-opening lessons about they’ve learned after each experience
Each culture has both similar and unique characteristics. Additionally, we can always learn amazing things from one another. Your family will learn about Vietnam's history and culture through visits to historical sites and interactions with locals, as well as about the wonderful personalities of the country's welcoming people. Through these experiences, your kidswill also learn about generosity, compassion, unity, family values, etc. What you have after the trip is more significant because it strengthens the bonds between your entire family.