Viet Kieu returns to Vietnam for travel

12, December, 2022

Viet Kieu returns to Vietnam for travel

Currently, the demand for Vietnam to travel and visit the family of Viet Kieu is increasing day by day. When entering Vietnam, there will be many different procedures, and what many people are interested in is whether overseas Vietnamese have to declare their temporary residence when returning home or not? Vivutravel will answer this question for you.

Overseas Vietnamese, also known as overseas Vietnamese, when entering Vietnam, will be considered as foreigners and will be governed by the Ordinance on entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam. Vietnam and guiding documents. Therefore, after entering Vietnam, overseas Vietnamese must declare their temporary residence to the police of the ward or commune where they temporarily reside. And then the ward and commune police will be responsible for reporting to the competent authority for decision.

In case overseas Vietnamese return to Vietnam at the invitation of domestic agencies, organizations and individuals, they must go through the inviting agency, organization or individual to register with the State agency for the purpose of entry. , duration of stay and address of stay in Vietnam. In case overseas Vietnamese are not invited by an agency, organization or individual in Vietnam, the "Viet Kieu" must declare his/her temporary residence in Vietnam at the visa application form. For overseas Vietnamese who are exempted from visa, they are not required to register their residence when completing entry procedures.
Overseas Vietnamese must declare their temporary residence when returning home
Overseas Vietnamese must declare their temporary residence when returning home
Cases in which temporary residence is declared

After entering Vietnam, overseas Vietnamese must declare their temporary residence in the locality where overseas Vietnamese reside, even if they are exempt from visas. If you stay overnight at a hotel or a residential area exclusively for foreigners, you must declare your temporary stay through the hotel owner or the housing area manager.

For the case of staying overnight at a private house, the foreigner must directly or through the landlord declare his temporary residence to the police of the ward or commune where the overseas Vietnamese reside. The cases in which a homeowner may register temporary residence for overseas Vietnamese returning home or foreigners are regulated as follows:

     The owner has a relative relationship (grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, etc.).
     The owner has a husband and wife relationship.
     The owner has a registered rental business.

Extension of temporary residence card

When the temporary residence card has expired during the period of residence in Vietnam, the overseas Vietnamese must carry out procedures for extending the temporary residence card. The application for extension of temporary residence must be made according to the immigration management application form (Form N5) attached to the passport of the overseas Vietnamese and then submitted to the Immigration Department or the Immigration Department. Overseas Vietnamese can directly apply for the grant and extension of a temporary residence card or may ask their relatives to sponsor their entry into Vietnam to carry out the procedures for granting and extending a temporary residence card.
Procedure to apply for a temporary residence card extension

Overseas Vietnamese will need to prepare the following documents when applying for a temporary residence card extension:

     Application form for issuance, supplementation, modification of visa and extension of temporary residence
     Old certificate of temporary residence sponsored by relatives.
     Processing time will not exceed 5 working days from the date of receipt of a complete and valid application

You can view the details of the temporary residence card extension file so that you can better perform the procedure for applying for a temporary residence card extension.

According to Vietnamese law, if overseas Vietnamese do not declare their temporary residence as prescribed, they may be fined from VND 500,000 to VND 2,000,000.

Above is an article that answers the question of whether overseas Vietnamese returning home have to declare temporary residence or not? If you are in need of temporary residence card service, entry visa service, work permit application service, etc., immediately call the hotline of Vivutravel's visa service for free advice and support.

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