Vietnam Travel Trends for 2023

19, December, 2022

Vietnam Travel Trends for 2023

Albeit we live in the post-pandemic era, the real threat in the tourism segment is not yet over. However, governments have relaxed Covid-19 protocol worldwide, and tourists find it an excellent opportunity to explore their favorite tour locations. For some people, exploring new places is part of their life. But for some other people, it is a means of relaxation to enjoy holidays with their family or friends.

Dark Clouds On The Horizon
Oil price and Dollar fluctuations combined with political disturbances and military conflicts endanger the prospect of the tourism industry. Europe is reeling because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Therefore, planning a Europe tour is not a recommended option at least for the time being. But it is a blessing in disguise for some countries, especially southeast Asian countries. Among the southeast Asian countries Vietnam is the most favored nation with newfound tourism opportunities, a friendly community, inexpensive tourist locations, exotic foods, live entertainment, and vibrant nightlives.

Rapid lifestyle changes make vacationers think and act smart. They compare their home currency with foreign currency and search for the best economical tour packages. Most of them prefer all-inclusive travel packages. So, obviously, people look for safe and friendly locations that are economically feasible. The overall trend tilts in favor of the Vietnam holiday tour. It will be worth analyzing Vietnam travel trends for 2023, reading through various studies by Forbes, Times, and many other travel conglomerates.

Travel trends always spin around the type of travelers. Budget and luxury always play a hand in glove role, and both will have a significant share in the deciding factors of travel trends. Some common Vietnam travel trends for 2023 are budget options, eco-travel, adventure travel, family travel, honeymoon travel, historical expeditions, etc.

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2023 Trend Indications
Much research on the 2023 travel trends indicates the expected changes in the general attitude of tourists because tourists are concerned about more international issues and want to be a role models to tackle many pressing issues. They are worried about military conflicts, travel restrictions, drug abuses, human traffic, ozone depletion, fuel crisis, inflation, etc. All these factors continue to impact the tourism industry. The demand and trends of the tourism industry continue to change, and the following are some observations summarized for a quick understanding.

Survival Tourism In Demand
The focus will be on using facilities that may not harm the earth's eco-balance. The study shows that about 44% of tourists would like to use basic facilities, relying only on essential items to pull on by breaking away from all their ongoing activities. Tourists will show a tendency to cook themselves, sleep in tents, and move freely without depending much on traditional/modern facilities.

Survival tourism will help tourists develop natural skills to cope with eventualities when things become beyond control and how they can be self-sufficient. It will instill confidence in people, especially the young generation, to tackle extreme conditions. Tourists from cities are alien to village life conditions and have no connection with mother nature. So, the focus will be on a tour program to help people engage with nature and develop survival skills.

Experience The Realities Without Modern Facilities
More than 50% of the tourists say they want to engage in real-life situations breaking away from their comfort zone by interacting with a new culture to get the "cultural shock." So, they prefer to travel in 2023 to places entirely different from their culture and living conditions. Vietnam offers fantastic off-beat tracks and unspoiled locations where people live traditional lives without the influence of modern luxury facilities.

Vietnam can offer unique vacations that will be a wonderful experience and open doors for a blissful engagement of agrarian life, the traditional way of farming. During the 2023 Travel Trend survey, more than 73% had opined they wanted to travel to locations alien to their lifestyle and check their endurance limit. It is also interesting to note that 28% of travelers said they want to travel solo and as per their instincts. 47% of travelers want to taste weird spicy foods that are strange to them. Another 38% want to explore UFOs and, study tours on aliens, interact with people who claim to have alien experience.

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Budget Friendly Trips
Considering frequent political disturbances, military actions, and pandemic outbursts, travel trends for 2023 continue to pick up as people are habituated to the new global situation. People no longer wish to be kept boxed in their cubes and will find ways and means to enjoy their time by adhering to all the precautions, including immune shots. Tourists will search for holiday-friendly community locations where the pandemic is controlled with better health services and politically stable countries. People prefer friendly community locations and no religious extremism or moral policing.

Being said, Vietnam is free of religious extremism, politically stable, and blessed with tourist-friendly communities. It has a mixed population of 54 ethnic communities with sober qualities and goes to any extent to make the tourists happy. Tourists can really feel the difference when they opt for a village homestay and enjoy their candid hospitality.

As per the survey reports, 50% of the tourists remain committed to saving for their 2023 holiday plans, and 68% are looking for budget-friendly travel options. Based on these survey trends, tour operators like Vivutravel present budget-friendly Vietnam travel plans for 2023. Vivutravel puts its best effort into transferring the benefits of tour packages to their esteemed customers, which they receive while booking hotels and flights. Also, tourists can expect discounted tour packages with English-speaking guides.

Escape From Work And Chaos Of Life
The covid pandemic has augmented remote work possibilities. Governments and companies have already embraced the new work culture, which has become part of life. When there is no difference between a workplace and when home also becomes a workplace, life will be boring without any doubt. These frustrations were aired by 66% of respondents who participated in the survey. They all wanted to have a holiday or get away from all chaos of life for some time.

Target-oriented works and home-based jobs put more pressure on employees. Remote jobs have transformed the home into a primary workplace instead of a secondary workstation, though it was a blessing in disguise during the initial stages of the pandemic. Because of this reason people want to take a complete break from their daily activities, completely disconnected. The 2023 travel trend shows that 49% of people do not want to do any kind of official jobs, even follow-up jobs, during their vacation.

Of many survey respondents, about 51% wanted companies to sponsor group tour packages from the saving made from remote work practices. 44% of people believe the group tour options will help improve colleagues' bonding. Also, they think that companies can arrange group tours into real-time work trips, combining work and tour trips as part of the new work culture.

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Trip "Out Of Coverage"
Holidays are not to make you disconnected from your loved ones, but 60% of travel trend survey respondents want to completely disconnect from the material life for at least a few days "out of coverage." It may look bizarre, but it helps realign your body and soul without external interference. It is a kind of off-grid travel fantasy, allowing a chance to disappear from the lively world to an unknown world. The out-of-coverage trend in 2023 will remain a top trend, especially among young tourists. You can develop a natural survival skill when you get unplugged from material life. Out-of-coverage tours include camping and eco-tours and let you enjoy yourself without any external distractions.

Recall The Good Old Days Or Nostalgic Travel
It will be the finest experience one could have by visiting an old tourist spot where you have some fond childhood memories. Out of the many travel survey trend respondents, about 90% want to have nostalgic getaways, making it the top travel trend of 2023. Vivutravel can organize nostalgic customized travel packages to those exotic locations you might have visited with your parents. It can be an extended family trip allowing you to re-group all your family members in a single spot to make your life more meaningful.

Travel With a Local Tour Company To Save Cost
How can you make your Vietnam tour plan cost-effective? The best answer is you can make your Vietnam tour cost-effective by selecting a local tour operator. You can find many local tour operators in Vietnam with years of experience in the Vietnam travel industry. Vivutravel is one of the prestigious local tour operators with more than 16 years of hands-on experience in arranging Vietnam tour plans matching the travel trends of 2023.

The best part of a local tour operator is that they have thorough in-and-out knowledge about Vietnam and can customize tour packages matching your tour objectives. A customized tour package can save time and include all the essential locations you want to visit within the shortest possible time you can spend in Vietnam. Further, a local tour operator can take care of the visa application guidance, ticketing, airport collection, dropping, accommodation, etc., making your tour a memorable experience without denting your budget.

Final Thoughts:
You can make your Vietnam tour an ever-memorable experience by engaging a highly experienced tour operator. All the above-referred Vietnam tour trends for 2023 are indicators to give an insight into the thought process of prospective tourists. It does not mean that Vivutravel and other local tour operators only cater to those millennium trends. You will have comprehensive tour options from Vivutravel, meeting your budget and personal interests.