10 Important Tips For Touring Vietnam In 2023

22, December, 2022

10 Important Tips For Touring Vietnam In 2023

The coronavirus disease 2019, aka COVID-19, shackled the entire globe and spoiled the life of everybody. It had its worst impact on the tourism industry, and its ramifications were evident in all other tourism-related sectors. Now all governments have relaxed the restrictions, and life is gradually limping back to normalcy. It is a relief for the tourism industry, and there are a lot of activities we can find in the tourism segment. Let us check the 10 crucial tips for touring Vietnam 2023 through the prism of Covid protocol.

Covid -19 Precautions:
Vietnam has officially relaxed the quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated tourists from 1st January 2022. According to the official communication on 15th May, 2022 tourists need not submit Covid-19 testing results to enter Vietnam. However, the health authorities ask tourists to undertake a self-quarantine at their accommodation for three days from their entry to Vietnam, which is not mandatory. Wearing a face mask and maintaining hygiene protocol are advised as safety precautions.

1.    Primary Step – Visa Processing:
A visit to Vietnam starts with visa processing. The government of Vietnam offers a variety of visas, which a tourist can select at their convenience. Rather than applying for a visa directly with the respective countries' diplomatic mission, it is very convenient and easy to apply for a visa online.

In normal circumstances, the online visa will be processed within 2 working days, and the applicant will get the visa approval notification in their provided email ID. Copy of the visa approval notification will also be forwarded to the international airports making it easy for international passengers to get the visa stamped at the disembarkation airport. You must remit US$25 towards the visa process fee along with the online application.

In addition to visa on arrival, Vietnam also offers visa exemption for citizens of 25 countries. Tourists from these 25 countries can stay in Vietnam without a visa for 14 to 90 days, which will vary per the bilateral status between Vietnam and other countries.

It will be an excellent option to consult with your Vietnam Tour Consultant to know the visa process and proper guidance.

2.    Purchase Insurance
Purchasing proper insurance plans to cover your travel and Covid medical insurance required a serious consideration when you plan for a vacation tour. Travel insurance can take care of any possible accident eventualities while cycling, hiking, or engaging in leisure activities.  

Tourists must also take a Covid protection insurance policy for a minimum of US$10,000 or more to cover Covid-related treatment expenses. It would be better to go for the best medical insurance policy with unrestricted international acceptability. For more clarification, you can contact Vivutravel, your preferred Vietnam travel partner, who can give you valued guidance.

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3.    Finalize Your Tour Itinerary
It would be apt to link the sense of the adage, “anything excess will always spoil the spirit of enjoyment.” The adage is very sensible while finalizing the travel itinerary. Vietnam has many attractive tourist spots; every tourist can find something exciting and close to their heart. It is a small country, but it has many exciting tourist locations. You must plan it carefully in consultation with a local Vietnam tour planner who cares to develop a tour plan meeting your interest.

It is impossible to visit the most significant locations in a day or two. You must spend a minimum of a week visiting important cities like Saigon, Hanoi, etc. Similarly, if you want to visit Halong Bay and Sapa village locations, it will take another 3-4 days. Therefore, it would be better to assign preparing the travel itinerary in consultation with an experienced local tour operator.

4.    Select The Right Season
Vietnam's climate varies in the northern and southern parts. North will have more rain than south Vietnam; therefore, you need to choose the season that will be ideal for the visit. If you are not bothered about the rainy season, you can choose any season to visit Vietnam. Otherwise, fix your tour plan between March to April and September to December. During these two seasons, spring, and autumn, it will not be too cool in north Vietnam and too hot in south Vietnam. Depending on the focus area of the visit, you can select the season accordingly. If you still need clarification, take advice from an expert Vietnam tour operator.

5.    Book Your Ticket And Accommodation
Your Vietnam tour consultant can take care of your ticket and accommodation arrangements if you assign your tour program to your agent. If you can make the booking in advance, you can get early bird booking or seasonal discounts. Last-minute rush will always be expensive. Therefore, book your ticket and accommodation in advance.

If you want to avoid taking the service of a local tour operator, you can download the Vietnam taxi app, which will be very handy in finding the right taxi service while in Vietnam. The taxi rates are reasonable, and you can always bargain for the best rate.

6.    Master Some Local Phrases
Do you want to make your Vietnam trip a thrilling, fun-filled experience? Interacting with the local Vietnamese is the best way to make your trip a memorable experience. In metro cities, most locals can communicate with you in English. To make your conversation more engaging, try to master some Vietnamese words and share your vocabulary skills with your Vietnamese counterparts. They will appreciate your efforts, which will help you earn more respect and attention. Generally, Vietnamese are polite and amiable. So, your Vietnamese linguistic skill will work as sugar in a plum.

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7.    Make Sure To Have A Bilingual Guide.
Let there be no communication issues while in Vietnam. Though Vietnamese in the metros can communicate in English, moving to remote village areas and agricultural fields will be challenging because of the language barrier. So, if you are planning to tour Vietnam in consultation with a local Vietnam tour operator, make sure to arrange a bilingual guide who can communicate with you in English.

8.    Dress And Accessory Gears
Depending on the season, you need to carry dresses matching the season. You must keep thin breathable clothes if your visit is during the humid season. It will be ideal for carrying linen or cotton clothes for your daily use. Also, have some long sleeve clothes that can cover your arms while outing. Thin fabrics are easy to wash and dry.

You must carry warm clothes if your tour plan falls in the winter season. In north Vietnam, the temperature may drop to subzero during the nighttime. So, keep warm clothes and warm gloves to protect your body from extreme climate.

For trekking and hiking enthusiasts, it is preferable to carry no-slippery rubber shoes, which can give good walking grips. Also, keep a raincoat and umbrella in your backpack as essential travel accessories.

Moderate dresses that are not offensive are imperative if you are planning to visit religious centers. Learn temple etiquette and pay respect to their religious sentiments.

9.    First Aid Medicines
While you are touring new destinations, it will be a good idea to keep first aid medicines that you can purchase over the counter without a medical prescription. You can keep paracetamol for fever, analgetic pills for pain, pain balm to treat muscle cramps, mosquito balm or repellents to shield from mosquito attacks, etc. Further, stock medicines that can control stomach upset and medicines that can prevent travel sickness. Also, be mindful if you have altitude sickness and climate change issues. In the case of altitude sickness, avoid high trekking altitudes, and for climate issues, let your body get acclimatized to the new climate.

10.    Camera and Binoculars
Vietnam is a picturesque location. Whether Hanoi, Halong Bay, Saigon, Hoi An, My Son, Sapa, or Ho Chi Min City, every area has the blessing of nature. It is worth taking snaps and keeping in the digital memory of the most beautiful location in the world.

It would be best if you were mindful while taking pictures in public places and looked for signboards, whether any restrictions are there for taking snaps. Similarly, while snapping inside religious sites, take permission from the concerned authorities before taking pictures. Also, if you want to take pics of individuals, take permission before taking the photos.

So, keep your camera handy with a full charge. Similarly, remember to carry binoculars which will be very helpful in watching the bird sanctuary and other far-off locations.

Vietnam is an ideal tourist location with the potential to satiate all types of tourists because you can find a variety of tour packages suitable to your budget. As a tourist, you can find package tours or customized tour plans that cover cruise activities, adventure tours, family tours, honeymoon tours, northern tours, southern tours, etc.

Since companies like Vivutravel offer customized tour packages, you can choose a plan per your preferences. Whatever your tour plans, the important tips essential for a Vietnam tour will not change. Therefore, you may stick to those points and engage the best Vietnam tour operator to make your time a memorable experience.