10 Dos & Don'ts during your Vietnam Tour in 2023

09, January, 2023

10 Dos & Don'ts during your Vietnam Tour in 2023

10 Dos & Don'ts for European Travelers in Vietnam Tour in 2023

Vietnam is an amazing country with incredible food, fascinating history, stunning landscapes, and wonderful people. And it is generally a safe and easy place to visit. Its tribal areas, complex culture, and history of the country are some of the reasons people often want to visit Vietnam. Choosing Vivutravel for your Vietnam Tour in 2023 will be a great decision and a great place to start planning for your trip.

As a traveler, you often want to know the best time to visit Vietnam. Stretching through many altitudes, Vietnam Tour 2023 definitely has some interesting things to offer you starting in January. With Vivutravel, you'll understand the best time to tour Vietnam and enjoy amazing services when you choose them.

With the mild weather and beautiful landscape blooming at the beginning of spring, the country will immerse itself in the joyful atmosphere of Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, the biggest holiday of the year. Since leaving Europe for Vietnam will cost you a lot: time, money, clothing, and even transport, it's better to have a good budget. Going to Vietnam with Vivutravel will make your Vietnam Tour in 2023 journey fast, exciting, interesting, and unforgettable.

Below are the 10 Dos and Don'ts for European Travelers in Vietnam Tour 2023


1.    Dress Moderately:
Moderate dressing, especially for female travelers, is important while touring Vietnam. The Vietnamese are quite conservative about their dress, and wearing skimpy clothing in public might look disrespectful.

2.    Respect the Temples:
When visiting temples and pagodas in your Vietnam Tour 2023, keeping your arms and legs covered is necessary. A sarong is very handy, and make sure your knees are covered at the very least. It is so disrespectful to go to such places if you do not observe them.

3.    Remove Bling
Wearing jewelry at the Vietnam Tour 2023 might make some people believe you are wealthy. Removing unnecessary jewelry is necessary as it can be used to suggest your financial capacity. This could make you the target for petty theft. Keep all valuables in a safe place. If you have a lot of cash, you can divide it into several parts and put them in different places with you if you meet the pickpocket or lose money elsewhere. However, you are safer when you choose Vivutravel because it covers loss and injuries that happen to you while you are on tour.

4.    Keep Your Bag Safe.
 Hold your bag with you all the time. You might get a side bag and wrap it around your shoulder to avoid being a victim of a drive-by bag snatcher. At the Vietnam Tour in 2023, you need to be vigilant because bag snatching is one of the biggest thefts in Vietnam, even at temples and pagodas. However, Vivutravel will cover your loss when you choose them.

5.    Recognize your Local
Make sure you have a hotel business card from the reception desk in your bag because anything might happen. This will make your return to the hotel easier when you miss the road.

6.    Negotiate and Get Fixed Prices.
Always negotiate firmly before doing anything in Vietnam. Ask for the exact price of commodities before purchasing them; ask for the price before boarding a taxi.

7.    Buy Legitimate Bottled Water
When you buy water, always check if it's produced by a legal company. Don't just buy bottled water. You will pay less for a beer bottle than a bottle of water. Keep a non-disposable water bottle with you and fill it with boiled or purified water whenever you get the chance. Instead of buying bottled water, which is both expensive and bad for the environment,

8.    Keep Tissue Paper With You.
Keep tissue paper with you all the time. While there are fewer squats in urban areas, there are still many in rural areas. Although western toilets are common across Vietnam, especially in the cities, you might still find that those toilets lack toilet paper. Some toilets provide water tanks in place of paper, but if you’re not up for trying that method and have got used to carrying tissue paper with you., use it.

Also, public toilets aren’t widespread once you’re outside the cities, so develop a habit of visiting the toilet before leaving your accommodation or restaurants.

9.    Use Chopsticks Correctly.
In Vietnam, using chopsticks upright in your bowl of rice is considered unlucky, as this is the symbol of two burning joss sticks used for funerals. So always use your chopsticks correctly.

10.     Eat Local Food in Vietnam
Enjoy the local Vietnamese food, which is some of the best food in the world. Consider doing a street food tour to get to some of the hidden gems in the back streets of Hanoi. Then enjoy it and feel him, even as strangers.


1.    Don’t End up in Jail.
In Vietnam, ending up in jail is pretty easy. Don’t take photos of any military installations and equipment; it is a breach of national security, and you could end up in jail, and you do not want to spend your vacations and a bit of time in a Vietnamese jail. If you want to enjoy your tour of Vietnam, avoid jail!

2.    Watch Your Tootsies
Don’t sit with your feet pointing towards a family altar if you are staying at someone’s house. Every country has its culture and traditions, which must be respected.

3.    Observe the Altars
Don’t turn your back to the altars when you are in a temple or someone’s home, or pointing one finger at the worshiped gods will really upset the gods and the people. Use your whole palm if needed, and behave modestly at the site. The Vietnamese are very spiritual.

4.    No Chopsticks Playing
Don’t play with the chopsticks for fun or use them to sing when you are at a meal table, as the Vietnamese believe that hungry and homeless ghosts will appear during this time.

5.    Don't fight When Crossing the Road.
Don’t suddenly stop, frighten, or panic when you cross busy roads. Look at the drivers and wave your hand in the air. The traffic will avoid you. Stay calm and keep walking, no matter what.

6.     Don’t Ride a Motorcycle in Vietnam if you are not Experienced.
Unless you’re experienced, don’t ride a motorcycle in Vietnam. Amateurs can easily get into trouble due to the swarming and unpredictable traffic, the often uneven road surfaces, and their lack of familiarity with Vietnam’s road rules.

The Vietnamese are real people, not tourist attractions, so please remember to be respectful! If you want to photograph a market trader or villager, simply ask for permission first. Don’t be offended if someone asks for money in exchange for posing for your shot. They’re perfectly within their rights to do so, especially in touristy areas where they must get asked over and over again. If you’re happy to pay, agree on an amount in advance. If not, politely decline and move on.

7.    Do Not Take Photos Without Permission:
The Vietnamese are real people, not tourist attractions, so please remember to be respectful! If you want to photograph a market trader or villager, simply ask for permission first. Don’t be offended if someone asks for money in exchange for posing for your shot. They’re perfectly within their rights to do so, especially in touristy areas where they must get asked over and over again. If you’re happy to pay, agree on an amount in advance. If not, politely decline and move on.
Don’t take video cameras into the ethnic minority villages. They are considered to be too intrusive by many locals. If you are going to do it, always ask permission first.

8.    Don't  Display Affection Publicly
Believe it or not, there are varying guidelines for public displays of affection worldwide. Before traveling to any new location, becoming knowledgeable about these important social norms should be a priority. With Vivutravel, you'll be guided on what you must avoid in Vietnam in 2023. Also, while in Vietnam, don’t kiss or cuddle in public. It is considered inappropriate; holding hands is fine.

9.     Never Buy Bottled Water WIthout Checking the Seal.
Vietnamese have been known to park water bottles and fill them with tap water to resell. In some cases, they can use a machine to reseal them then, making them look as though it is a fresh bottles of water.

Be sure to be aware of which markets are reputable and check your bottles of water. Tap water in Vietnam is not life-threatening, but properly sealed bottled water will always be your most trustworthy choice.

10.    Never Forget to Take Off Your Shoes When Entering a Vietnamese House.
In Vietnamese culture, it is expected to take off shoes before entering any household. In Vietnam, along with several other Asian cultures, it is taught at a young age that it is the polite thing to do when entering a house.

We hope your vacation goes off without a hitch, but it’s important to have travel insurance in case it doesn’t. Insurance will give you options if flights or bookings get canceled. It’ll help if luggage, valuables, or documents go missing. And most importantly, it will cover you if you get sick or injured while away. Medical care abroad can get very expensive, especially if you need to be flown home for treatment. But if you go with Vivutravel, you won't have to worry about other sides of your tour because Vivutravel insurance will cover your Vietnam tour in 2023. What are you still waiting for?

Also, and we cannot stress this enough if you’re going to ride scooters in Vietnam, get insurance! It is not just a scam for the vendor to get more money from you. If your vehicle gets stolen or if you get into an accident and you’re uninsured, it can end up costing you thousands of dollars plus plenty of hassle and foreign bureaucracy. And the way they drive in Vietnam, accidents are likely to happen often! Choosing vivutravel will cover the listed risks.

However, the Dos and Don’ts listed above are not a do-or-die, but it has always been fine to know what you want to do and where you choose to go. Vietnam is one of the most amazing countries in the world. So when you visit the country, behave like Vietnamese; inculcate their culture and practice it throughout Vietnam in 2023.