Life lessons from traveling in 2023

12, January, 2023

Life lessons from traveling in 2023

Respecting differences, getting out of your comfort zone, learning to be more patient are things people can realize through travel. Experts from The Travel Canada magazine have just summed up life lessons from travel.

People are always excited to discover new lands

Help to get out of your comfort zone
Traveling forces us to leave our comfort zone, like it or not because you are in a new place, a new country, a new culture and everything is new. You're leaving your friends, food, familiar streets, and native language behind at home. However, entering a new territory to explore is exhilarating. "Sometimes it's necessary to do the things that scare you the most because on the other side of that fear, you will discover the best things," writes Travel.

Help us to be more patient
Not everything is as it should be when we travel. Obstacles can arise, and you have to find ways to deal with them and the best lesson in patience is to find ways to deal with the challenges that arise during the tour.

The great thing about travel is that it teaches us the importance of smiling. We always advise tourists to learn a few local phrases before coming to Vietnam, vidu like " hello", "thank you". But smile is always the best language to start a conversation?

Teach us about respecting differences
You will find it easier to start a conversation with people around you, whether on a bus, train or plane because everyone wants to live happily so through talking you will have a lot to learn. Ask and respect differences, especially cultural and religious issues.

Enjoy life more than value material things
Many people believe that money and material things make a happy life. In fact, people do not need too much wealth and material things to find happiness. The joy of travel comes from the experiences you encounter, not the possessions you carry with you. This is when you start to realize that all the things you thought were most important like money and material conditions aren't as important as they used to be.

Being alone is not a bad thing
Being alone is not lonely because traveling alone gives you time to reflect on life and a lot of things. You will not be distracted by outside opinions, nor will you face conflicts of interest and group activities. This is your own trip and you will be able to do what you want. You will be more confident, without fear or anxiety when you are alone.

Don't hesitate to try new things
If at home, someone offers you something strange, you may refuse immediately. When you go to a new place, you will get used to being exposed to and being served unusual, even unappetizing, food. Over time, this becomes the norm and trying new things will become your favorite habit.

Each culture has its own food and customs. While it can be difficult at first, you'll soon get used to trying new things - even if you don't try them at home. Traveling can help us open our minds, push us to do new things without hesitation.

Find beauty in the little things
People tend to take everything around us for granted. It is only when we travel that we realize how special it is. Along the way, you can discover how beautiful the scenery on the road you are backpacking is, the sunset or sunrise somewhere can be so beautiful. "We stop taking things for granted, and start opening our eyes to see the world" is what travel experts learn from trips.

The world is full of good people

Most of us have a skeptical attitude towards people. Traveling helps us realize that there are still many good people in this world. So be open. You will see how beautiful the world is.

Never stop learning
Wherever you go, you will learn or discover many new things. Travel is definitely a learning opportunity. That is why people with the most curious personalities often want to travel for a long time. So learn something new every day

You can still learn something new in life while staying at home. But when traveling, the opportunity to learn will come more. You will learn and discover new cultures, new people, new foods - everything is an opportunity to open your mind.

Which country should I travel to in 2023?
Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, a great destination for 2023. Vietnam converges all factors to give you a memorable trip like Vietnam with beautiful scenery, many world natural heritages, culture. Unique, fascinating history, friendly people, world-class food, many beautiful sunny beaches or roads are waiting for you to explore.