Why do American tourists like to travel to Vietnam?

01, February, 2023

Why do American tourists like to travel to Vietnam?

With more than 215,000 US visitors to Vietnam in 2022, ranking second in the total number of international visitors to Vietnam, after South Korea. The American travel newspaper Travel off Path gives reasons why Vietnam's destination is increasingly popular with visitors from this country.

Vietnam is Southeast Asia's Top Destination
Vietnam is emerging as one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia. The destination's fascinating cultural and natural wonders are going mainstream, inspiring American travelers to step out of their comfort zones to visit - despite limited flight options.

Since Vietnam fully reopened to tourism in early 2022, it has become one of the first places in Southeast Asia to drop Covid-19-related entry regulations and welcome US visitors regardless. vaccination status. So that the prestigious online travel company Kayak voted Vietnam as the top destination in Southeast Asia in 2023.

Last year, Vietnam welcomed 3.36 million international arrivals, down 79.9% compared to the pre-pandemic reference year 2019, but 23.3 times more than 2021. That proves that reopening brings about great benefits for the tourism industry.

Out of a total of 3.36 million guests staying in Vietnam in 2022, 388,873 are from the America. In particular, American tourists contributed the most to this number. American tourists also ranked second in the total number of international visitors to Vietnam last year, just behind South Korea.

Notably, post-pandemic reluctance to travel to Asia is still common among American travelers, even though many destinations in the region have removed tough policies on Covid-19 prevention. 19. Therefore, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries need to make more efforts to regain the trust of tourists.

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Reasons why American tourists should come to Vietnam
However, there are many reasons to believe that Vietnam's tourism will have a strong development in 2023. Travel off Path outlines Vietnam's attractions for American tourists:

Vietnam is a culturally rich country with a traumatic history but attracts tourists. Whether you were born before the 70s and watched the news live on television, or were born in the 90s and learned from textbooks, it is certain that the iconic images of war in this country imprinted in the mind.

It has a millennial heritage, but it is a country full of novelty in a rapidly changing world. Needless to say, this destination is a whole different world from the usual places in the West.

Besides, Vietnam is a destination with vibrant, somewhat messy cities. But that is the favorite point of American tourists because it gives them a sense of adventure full of discovery. The two most important cities of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, are like a complex labyrinth of narrow streets, unplanned but thriving commercial streets, vibrant flea markets, and high-rise buildings. old French architecture and many ancient temples - pagodas.

However, just stepping out of the city, visitors will encounter picturesque countryside. If you find life in the busy city seemingly unappealing and the undulating, idyllic rice terraces on the mountainside or in the green hills, quaint villages and distant temples within eye-catching scenery, you will soon realize that Vietnam has so many impressive sights...

In case you are passionate about discovering the forbidden palaces, citadels, ancient ruins, come to Hue. The historic city in the Central region, where still the magnificent palaces of the Nguyen Dynasty, magnificent temples and mausoleums, is always an unforgettable destination when visitors come to Vietnam.

It would be a big mistake to talk about Vietnam without mentioning the beach. Vietnam has plenty of paradise-like beaches with postcard-worthy turquoise waters and luxury resorts with prices to suit every segment of travelers.

Finally, the destination Vietnam is extremely cheap for middle-income Americans. With a lower cost of living gives visitors access to luxuries they cannot afford in the US.