Visit Vietnam In 2023

10, February, 2023

Visit Vietnam In 2023

Factors That Attract Tourists To Visit Vietnam In 2023

Despite many global uncertainties, foreign tourists are eager to visit Vietnam in 2023. The efforts taken by the Vietnamese government and private establishments to fix the pandemic are well appreciated by foreign tourists. Now tourits are hoping for a complete visa relaxation to the pre-pandemic state so that tourists can have unhindered access to Vietnam.

Tourist influx in 2022
After reopening the borders for tourism, the total number of tourists visiting the country fell by 30% below the projection. By the end of December 2022, the total number of tourists who had visited the country stood at 3.6 million. The tourism revenue stood at US$21 billion, which is 23% more than the target, and the credit is attributed to the domestic tourism growth.

2023 projection
Vietnam expects 8 million tourists to visit the country in 2023. It looks like the new variant of Corona is almost ceased and China is expected to lift the travel ban. It will instill confidence in international tourists planning to visit southeast Asia.

Common factors that attract tourists to visit Vietnam

Friendly community
Generally, the Vietnamese are a tourist-friendly community. Their politeness and helpful mentality are admirable, and they go to any extent to make the tourists happy. It can be best experienced while going for a homestay as part of the tour plan, especially during the rice terrace field visits and other areas. During a homestay, you will get the opportunity to closely watch their daily life activities and how they treat their guest. Even though Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups, all are equally competent to treat their guests in the best possible way. The Vietnamese attitude of respect and compassion is a wonderful experience.

Simple visa application procedure
Vietnam offers a variety of visa facilities for the convenience of tourists. Out of the many visas, a visa on arrival is the best option for tourists who are planning to visit Vietnam. Many nationals can avail themselves of these facilities. Citizens from visa-exempt countries can enter Vietnam without a visa. Those who do not fall under the "visa exemption" or "visa on arrival" categories are required to apply for a visa at the respective diplomatic missions of their country. Electronic visas will be processed within 48 hours, which will make visiting Vietnam in 2023 easy and hassle-free.

Visit Vietnam in 2023: A low-cost option
Compared to any other global tourism destination, Vietnam is an inexpensive tourist location. In the meantime, Vietnam also offers expensive luxury tourism options for tourists who want to enjoy a world-class tour experience. Whether it is a luxury tour or an ordinary package tour, the exchange rate against the dollar is very low, and because of this, the overall tour expenses remain very low.

Taste of Vietnam
Vietnam's cuisines are unique, and it is an undisputed fact that they will attract tourists to visit Vietnam in 2023. The country is popular for its street foods, which have become part of its culture. High-quality and hygienic preparations let you enjoy the food without any worries. The ingredients are fresh, and most of the foods are prepared in front of you. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods offer a wide range of flavors, from spicy to mild.

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Excellent beach activities
With an extended coastline, Vietnam offers excellent beach and marine activities. You can engage in a variety of fun and recreation activities, including diving, surfing, snorkeling, etc. Some of the beaches are year-round and have spectacular lagoons. The best beaches you can find are in the southern part of Vietnam; however, there are beautiful beaches in the northern part too. With a pristine sandy coastline, the beaches offer a variety of entertainment to meet your preferences.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
For people interested in visiting World Heritage sites, Vietnam is an ideal destination. Vietnam has eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It may be difficult to identify the best heritage site because each site has its own importance in the history of Vietnam. The eight UNESCO World Heritage sites are Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha Ke Bang, Trang An, Hoi An ancient town, My Son sanctuary, the Hue Monuments, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, and the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty. These sites are spread from north to south, and they offer a deep understanding of Vietnam's history and culture.

Luxury resorts
One of the major attractions for visiting Vietnam in 2023 will be the availability of inexpensive luxury resorts. Even though luxury is not an inevitable quotient in tourism, the availability of inexpensive world-class luxury resorts plays a significant role in attracting tourists to Vietnam. Ever since opening its doors to travelers after the liberation, Vietnam has been slowly adding more luxury resorts and attracting more tourists. You can also find many international luxury resorts in Vietnam with exciting facilities.

Natural beauty
Magnificent rice terraces and paddy fields, along with stunning landscapes, are critical factors that will attract tourists to visit Vietnam in 2023. Wherever you go, the natural beauty of Vietnam is always a bemusing reason, be it the incredible limestone karsts in Ha Long Bay, Mui Ne, or the dunes. You will have a variety of contrasting attractions to make your Vietnam trip an ever-memorable experience. Apart from the natural beauty, a mixture of tropical and subtropical climates lets you enjoy the best holiday vacation in Vietnam.

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Floating markets
Vietnamese culture is rich in floating markets. Long interlacing rivers and rivulets stretching all across Vietnam have forced the residents living on the banks to develop a new life culture, the Vietnam floating market culture. Over the years, boat life activities transformed into mobile offices, shops, and even houses. Along the Mekong River, we can find active floating markets engaged in a variety of commercial activities.

The river and its fertile alluvial plain transformed the lives of people living on the banks of the river, and the floating market has become an integral part of their lives.

In the northern and southern parts of Vietnam, we can find the floating market culture. Some of the floating markets in Cai Be, Cai Rang Phung Hiep, Phong Dien, the Mekong River, etc., have a history spanning more than 100 years.

Factors that attract tourists to visit Vietnam in 2023 are not limited to the above-mentioned reasons, as many other factors also drive tourists there. Tourists who are looking for an active nightlife and commercial and shopping activities also find Vietnam an interesting location to visit. Whatever be your choice of preference, Vietnam has everything that can meet the interest of every tourist.