Should I book my Vietnam Tour online?

01, March, 2023

Should I book my Vietnam Tour online?

Should I Book My Vietnam Trip Through An Online Vietnam Travel Agency?
Are you planning a holiday in Vietnam? Then, take the services of a reputed online Vietnam travel agency, which can make your vacation trip a wonderful experience. Online travel business is not the new trend, but it is the new way of doing business with ease.

Ease of doing business is the main advantage of online transactions, and the benefits are multifold in the tourism industry. An online Vietnam tour operator will help you with your visa, airport pickup, accommodation, tour management, tour guide services, etc., which are an inevitable part of the service. Before starting the tour program, a good travel agent can brief up the tourists about the local and religious sentiments and dress code to be maintained, especially when visiting religious sites.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online travel agencies?
Many may think that online travel agencies do not need a physical office or a license for operation. In fact, it is the wrong perception. It is a must to have registered office, physical address, license, etc., for an online Vietnam travel company to offer travel-related services to the tourists.

Most of the recognized online travel companies have affiliations with government bodies and are accredited by various local and international bodies. All information related to a reputed online tour operator is verifiable.

Online travel companies publish all travel-related services on their web portal. Customers can book flights, hotels, finalize tour location visit plans, and even request visa assistance through a single window. Easy to use customer interface makes things easy for the tourists and that makes a good online travel company different from their peers.

How does the online tour operator work?
Generally, online travel companies offer their services to the public globally through their platform. However, some tour operators restrict their services to registered clients. In both ways, an online Vietnam travel agency intends to provide unhindered services to clients. Depending on the platform and services offered, the functionality of the platform may be tailored to meet the business objectives of the travel company.

Some travel companies provide advertising space on their web site for airlines, hotels, transport companies, etc. These facilities give tourists direct access to other related services. In most cases, the travel companies will have tie-ups with these service companies. These types of multifunctional platforms let tourists book Vietnam tours online and avail of other travel-related services they may require while in Vietnam.

Besides, tourists can find all related services offered by the online travel company and will have the option to make the booking and pay online. Companies like Vivutravel publish various tour packages and approximate estimates of the service, which will let the tourist compare the rates with their peers and make an appropriate decision.

•    No paper works
•    Quick processing
•    Access to online customer reviews
•    Flight booking
•    Hotel booking
•    Visa assistance/processing
•    Price comparison
•    Easy cancellation policies
•    Quick refunds
•    Loyalty points

The above-mentioned advantages let the tourist make a well-thought-out decision by going through various customer reviews. Options like customizable tour programs and online consultation give a lot of advantages while engaging an online Vietnam travel company for all travel-related requirements.

Tourists may encounter numerous disadvantages when dealing with online Vietnam travel agencies. One of the main disadvantages is that they are virtual. So, you cannot meet the person with whom you had a discussion. Especially if it is a busy online travel agency, you will be interacting with a new executive each time unless the online travel agency has a proper tracking policy.

•    The possibility of a non-dedicated customer care executive for every customer.
•    If the site lacks trust-building security features, there is a possibility of fraudulent activity.
•    Refunds may be delayed.
•    A cancellation cannot take place due to improper communication.
•    Delay in accessing the right person
•    You need a good internet connection.
•    May become the target of cybercriminals.

Is it better to book online or with a travel agent?
Yes, it is always a good option to book your travel arrangements online rather than with a travel agent. If you can book Vietnam tours online, that can save you a lot of time and allow you to invest your time in travel preparations. While booking online, you can check various options, compare rates, and make a proper decision.
With an agent, they will share only information that is favorable for the tour operator. Besides, you will not get a chance to compare the rates, and if you need to compare rates, you will have to visit a few other travel agents and get a quote. By making an online reservation, you will have access to all of the necessary information.

Is it safe to book online?
The safety of online booking depends on the platform you choose for your business. If the online travel company site meets all the safety parameters, then you can book Vietnam tours online. A reputed platform that meets all the security features will be safe for online booking.

The following are the three important security aspects that any ordinary person can understand before doing an online booking or finance transaction.

•    Check the connection type: Any site with an "https" tag will be more secure than one with an "http" tag. However, the "https" tag is not immunity against fraudulent activities. But it is a precautionary step to make sure the site is secure with the "https" tag and make sure the payment page also has the "https" tag.

•    Security padlock on the browser: You must check whether there is a green padlock icon on the browser window to the left of the URL.

•    Check the website on the search engine: You can type the company name into the search engine and check the results, including reviews. The high-traffic site will appear at the top of the Google page.

•    Check the URL: The possibility of encountering a misleading URL exists. Unscrupulous fraudsters use web names to resemble the original ones, which are unnoticeable immediately.

•    Check the language quality: If the quality of the web language is very poor with poor grammar and sentence structure, that can be a doubtful deal.

•    Advertisements and audio: The moment you open a web page and lots of advertisements and audio start to appear, then these types of web pages are not reliable. because their intent is wrong and they are on business to trap you.

How do I know a good online travel agency?
The best way to know a good online travel agency is by reading reviews about the company and also checking online forums to understand what the feedback says. As the adage goes, "it is better to prevent than to cure."

From the moment of online booking to the completion of the trip, if everything goes well, that is a good deal. You can leave feedback on the company review site and also write about your experience on social media, which will help other tourists who are planning to book Vietnam tours online.

Other than this, you can check the security features that are essential to gauge the trustworthiness of a site, which were explained earlier.

Vivutravel is a reputed tour operator in Vietnam since 2006 with many years of experience offering travel and package tours to Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, helping you to plan a hassle-free Vietnam holiday. The steps below will assist you in determining the dependability of the online Vietnam travel agency before you engage.

•    Check the license:
Before you release the payment online, make sure the Vietnam online travel company has the required license to operate. All licensed Vietnam tour operators will be registered with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Besides, you can check their accreditations.

•    Check the tour package rates:
Unrealistic low package rates are always suspicious, and there are possibilities for hidden charges. You have to confirm all the details before you release the payment.

•    Discuss with friends:
It will be good practice to get the reference from a friend who has recently used the services of the travel agent. Instead of dealing with an unknown online company, a personal reference will be highly preferable.

Vivutravel is the top online Vietnam travel agency.
Vivutravel is a local tour operator with hands-on experience in organizing package tours and tailor-made tour programs in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. Set up since 2006, The company has many years of experience and is undoubtedly your preferred travel partner who can make your Vietnam tour a life-changing experience. The company is well equipped for modern travel challenges, and their in-house facilities let tourists book Vietnam tours online.

Apart from online booking, Vivutravel offers various package tours and tailor-made tour programs to meet the personal interests of tourists. The travel agent also offers private tours and lets the tourist enjoy the tour without breaching privacy.

Well-trained bilingual guides are another plus point of Vivutravel. The guides are drawn from the local area to make sure they have enough experience to give proper tour support. Vivutravel offers services from visa processing to other travel-related services and will remain with the tourist until departure to make Vietnam travel one of the best experiences in life.