Completely guide to Cao Bang

29, March, 2023

Completely guide to Cao Bang

Cao Bang is a mountainous province in the northeast of Vietnam, about 280km from Hanoi. Cao Bang is favored by nature for its charming scenery, at the foot of the mountains are endless ways of rice fields and winding green rivers and streams. If you want to find a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can be in harmony with nature, then come to Cao Bang.

Although Cao Bang is very beautiful and has great tourism potential, very few international tourists know about Cao Bang. Vivutravel has organized many tours for international visitors to Cao Bang and would like to share the following information so that if you intend to visit Cao Bang, you will find it useful.

How to get there?

There is no airport, so to get to Cao Bang, you can go by 3 ways:

1. Hanoi - Lang Son - Cao Bang
2. Hanoi - Thai Nguyen - Bac Kan - Cao Bang
3. Hanoi - Ha Giang - Cao Bang (in combination with Ha Giang tour)

For backpackers, you can catch a bus from Hanoi or rent a motorbike. However, Vivutravel advises all tourists to book a private tour with Vivutravel for an enjoyable and complete experience.

The best time to visit Cao Bang

Cao Bang's weather and climate is divided into two distinct rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season starts from April to September. The dry season lasts from October to the end of March next year.

According to Vivutravel's experience, if you want to travel to Cao Bang and especially visit Ban Gioc Cao Bang waterfall, you should travel from June to September. This is the time when Ban Gioc waterfall has a lot of water. October is not bad. From November to April, tourists need to be at Ban Gioc at exact time (around 11:00 AM) when the hydroelectric dam above discharges water then the waterfall is nice.

The best time to visit Cao Bang is in August and September when the green rice valleys gradually turn yellow, making Cao Bang's scenery extremely beautiful like a watercolor painting. Ban Gioc Waterfall also becomes unusually charming.

Best places to visit in Cao Bang

1. Ma Phuc Pass: This is the first stop of tourist routes to the east of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark Recreation Center. Ma Phuc Pass is associated with the story of the heroic history of Nung Tri Cao, a land and also a place to discover the formation of geology for millions of years.

2. One eye mountain: Not far from Ma Phuc pass is One eye mountain (Mat Than Mountain), which in recent years has become a favorite destination of tourists thanks to its beautiful and majestic natural scenery. Tourists can come to take unique photos, camp overnight to enjoy the harmony of heaven and earth and interesting experiences.

3. Phia Thap Incense making village: Located right on the road to Ban Gioc waterfall, the village of incense making is more than 100 years old and has been passed down from generation to generation. Tourists can walk around the village while admiring the peaceful rice fields, learning how to make incense and interacting with the villagers.

4. Phong Nam village: Not only Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao cave..., Cao Bang also has Quay Son stream and ripe golden rice fields creating masterpieces in Phong Nam valley but very few tourists or Vieetnam travel agencies know about.

In September and October, visitors to Cao Bang will be overwhelmed by the yellow color of rice, the green color of the mountains and the silver river flowing through the village in Phong Nam.

Phong Nam valley is close to the center of Trung Khanh district, about 25 km from Ban Gioc waterfall. The Quay Son river not only irrigates the rice fields on both sides, but also gives the scene a different beauty.

Phong Nam is peaceful, poetic, charming and an endless inspiration for any photographer. Vivutravel always includes Phong Nam in the Cao Bang tour program.

5. Ngoc Con village: This is a commune in Trung Khanh district. Coming here, you will be immersed in the floating clouds amidst the majestic, poetic scenery of mountains, rivers, and fields stretching to the distance. Ngoc Con is very beautiful in August-October and is Vivutravel's destination for Cao Bang tour. Like Phong Nam valley, very few tourists and tour companies know about Ngoc Con. Therefore, to see the beauty of Cao Bang, you must contact Vivutravel.

6. Nguom Ngao cave: Nestled in the majestic mountain, Nguom Ngao cave, about 3km from Ban Gioc Waterfall, is considered a masterpiece of nature bestowed on Cao Bang, always attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

This cave has unspoiled beauty so it is very attractive to explore. If you come to Ban Gioc Waterfall, don't forget to visit.

7. Ban Gioc waterfall: Located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, about 90km from Cao Bang city, Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the four most beautiful waterfalls in the world located on the border of two countries (Vietnam - China).

Ban Gioc Waterfall has a height of more than 60m with the longest slope of 30m, divided into many successive limestone layers and spreading to hundreds of meters.

Water from above pours into the river, Ban Gioc waterfall brings a natural and pure beauty. On sunny days, those rays of light shining on the waterfall resonate with the dusty water creating the colors, shimmering and fanciful of the 7 colors of the rainbow.

8. Pac Po cave: About 50km from Cao Bang City, Pac Bo Cave is a special historical relic, where Uncle Ho used to live and work after 30 years of searching for a way to save the country and marking many other important historical milestones of Vietnam. Vietnam.

Today, this place is a tourist attraction for domestic and foreign tourists because of its extremely poetic natural beauty that makes anyone admire.

9: Khau Coc Cha pass (or Me Pia pass): Located on National Highway 4A, about 30km from Bao Lac town and about 86km from Cao Bang City. The pass is about 2.5km long but has 14 "sleeves", forming 15 extremely dangerous slopes. .

To conquer Khau Coc Cha pass, due to the steep slope, steep with many dangerous turns, this is a big challenge for every driver. The higher you go, the more clearly you can see the majesty of nature.

To see the panoramic view of the pass, you have to walk about 40 minutes to the high point. Looking down from above, the pass meanders softly around the mountainside like a giant silk strip. Many people liken the pass floors like stairs leading to the sky.

If you go from Ha Giang to Cao Bang or vice versa, you will have the opportunity to conquer this pass.

How many days are enough to visit Cao Bang?

If you don't have much time, 2 days 1 night is enough but you must be sure to book a private tour with Vivutravel because we know how to create the best itinerary for you to visit the most beautiful places in Cao Bang with worthwhile experiences. But to fully explore Cao Bang, Vivutravel recommends you to take Cao Bang tour for 3 days & 2 nights.

Can Cao Bang combine with other destinations?

It would be great if you had more time to connect Cao Bang with Ha Giang to create the best north Vietnam loop tour for 6 days/5nights. In addition, you can also connect to Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan for an extra night.

Sample itinerary:

Day 1: Hanoi - Nguom Ngao cave - Ban Gioc waterfall
Day 2: Ban Gioc - Ngoc Con - Phong Nam - One eye mountain - Cao Bang
Day 3: Cao Bang - Khau Coc Cha pass - Ba Vi Homestay
Day 4: Ba Vi - Nho Que river boat trip - Ma Pi Leng Pass - Dong Van
Day 5: Dong Van - The Vuong palace - Pao's house - H'Mong village
Day 6: H'Mong village - Quan Ba - Ha Giang - Hanoi

Note: Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for detailed itinerary and quote.

Best places to stay in Cao Bang

There are quite a few hotels in Cao Bang city and here are some of the best and centrally located hotels that Vivutravel regularly book for our guests.

In Cao Bang city:

1. Muong Thanh Luxury Cao Bang Hotel
2. Sunny Hotel Cao Bang
3. Luxury Hotel Cao Bang

In Ban Gioc:

1. Sai Gon Ban Gioc Resort: (best location, but room and services are not really good now)
2. Ban Gioc Quay Son Hotel
3. So Oanh Hotel
4. Yen Nhi Homestay

Cao Bang Tours:

Cao Bang is too beautiful to plan a trip but you will need a professional and experienced tour operator like Vivutravel to help you. We are people who discover many attractive destinations in Cao Bang and always make constant efforts to promote the beauty of Cao Bang to tourists. So contact us, you won't be disappointed.