Solo Vietnam Travel

29, December, 2011

Solo Vietnam Travel

If you are looking for solo travel package to Vietnam, what will you think of?

Is Vietnam a safe country to visit?

Yes, Vietnam is one of the safest countries to travel. Vietnam is not a war anymore. Vietnam is a peaceful country and friendly people with welcome smile. However, there are few pickpockets, snatchers in some big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh but this can happen everywhere in the world. 

Where should I visit as a solo traveler?

Vietnam offers a lot of things to experience, if you think, major tourist sites will be your choice as it will be easier to manage for your solo Vietnam tour then you will miss too much. It means, you can visit, travel to wherever you want without any big issue. Furthermore, Vivutravel focuses on private and customized Vietnam holiday will help to create you the most suitable Vietnam tour itinerary and traveling with Vivutravel, you are not traveling alone. During the tour, our private guide and driver will take care of you, be your friends and make you feel safe and worry free. 

Can I afford a private solo Vietnam tour?

Things are possible at Vivutravel, we customize your Vietnam holiday that will definitely be within your budget while guarantee high quality Vietnam tour.

Should I book a Vietnam packaged tour in advance?

Yes, because online travel experts are more experienced, online in advance will also save your time and less stressful. However, please remember to book at a company that has International tour operator license (This license granted by National Administration of Vietnam Tourism). Without this license, that company is not fully legal in Vietnam travel business. 

Should I book a Vietnam packaged tour on spot?

No, because you will lose too much time for arranging the tour and booking on spot, you may book via a booking agent (not a travel company) and who cares about your service? And sometimes, you will be overcharged if not knowing how to bargain. 

Any inquiry for a Vietnam solo tour package, please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our Vietnam travel consultants will be happy to send you the best tour option that definitely suits your expectations and needs such as budget, type of tour, choice of hotel and activities...