Vivutravel - A trustworthy and professional tour operator in Vietnam

12, January, 2012

Vivutravel - A trustworthy and professional tour operator in Vietnam

Vivutravel is a local, trustworthy and professional tour operator in Vietnam, offering a wide range of Vietnam and Indochina tour packages to the most exciting destinations in the areas at most competitive price. Moreover, we are specialists in private and tailor made Vietnam holiday, your travel inquiries at Vivutravel, can always be customized to suit your expectation and need such as budget, type of tour, choice of hotel and activities...


Nguyen Minh Tuan, the owner and also our managing director has 14 years of experience in Vietnam tourism and Vivutravel has alsmost 7 years in business, placing our name in Vietnam tourism business as one of the most trustworthy and professional tour operators in Vietnam and Indochina. With offices in Hanoi, Sapa, Hue, Saigon, Laos and Cambodia.

Vivutravel's Products:

Vivutravel offers many unique Vietnam tour and Indochina tour options such as Vietnam classic tours, Vietnam family tours, Vietnam luxury tours, Vietnam adventure tours, Vietnam motorcycle tours, Sapa Tours, Halong Cruise, Mekong Cruise, Indochina tours...

Our price:

Thanks to our good cooperation with Vietnam hotels, Vietnam Cruise, Vietnanm Airlines... in seven years, we are offered very competttive rates from suppliers that are key to our most competitive tour operator in Vietnam. Again, we always try to find ways to cut costs for our clients while offering best quality Vietnam tours and services. We are not expensive!

Our guides:

We sellect good guides with many years of experience who have good English, French... speaking, rich knowledge, sense of humour...We know, a good tour guide will make the tour more successful.

Our transportation:

We have our own car and minibus which are important because we can control our drivers to make sure our driver will drive safely and follow our company's rules.

Vivutravel - A trustworthy Vietnam Travel Partner:

If you are looking for a reliable Vietnam Travel Partner, Vivutravel will be the right choice because we are the local, we know things better than anyone else. Again, we have a professtional and honest team, will do our best to offer you, your clients best price and services. If you are interested in having cooperation with us, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our director, Mr Nguyen Minh Tuan will get back to you.