Do's and Don't in Vietnam

30, January, 2012

Do's and Don't in Vietnam

One of the most beautiful countries of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is visited by large number of tourist every year. But before visiting any country, every tourist must be aware of certain do's and don'ts to be observed in the country. Asiarooms offers to give you online information on Vietnam: Do's and Don't, Asia.


­       Always drink bottled water that is easily available everywhere in Vietnam.

­       Use waterproof sun cream if you plan to spend a good amount of time in the water when you travel to Vietnam.

­       Always reconfirm the tickets for your return journey.

­       Change money from a recognized moneychanger.

­       Keep important documents in your hotel locker and carry photocopies of the same.

­       Dress discreetly while entering temples and other religious places.

­       Indulge in some haggling while buying goods without price tags whenever you go shopping in Vietnam.

­       Always be careful of the belongings you carry with you during your holiday.

­       Take care of all your valuables. Never leave your bags unattended

­       Do some researching before changing money so that you are aware of the existing rates.


­       Never carry more money than you need when walking around the streets.

­       Do not wear large amounts of jewellery.

­       Don't be worry about security, just be aware of your surroundings.

­       Don't wear indecent dresses.

­       Never sleep or sit with the soles of your feet pointing towards the family altar when in someone's house.

­       Do not try to take photographs of military installations or anything to do with the military. This can be seen as a breach of national security.

­       Never take video cameras into the ethnic minority villages. They are considered to be too intrusive by the local people.

­       The above advice is meant to help you have a perfect trip to Vietnam.