Vietnam War and Vietnam Travel

25, February, 2012

Vietnam War and Vietnam Travel

Vietnam war sites are located throughout the country and this page lists some of the main ones without pretending in any way to be a comprehensive guide. The Vietnam War itself is way beyond what this site is about. If you go to Google and search for "Vietnam War" you'll come up with some outstanding websites detailing the events of the war seen from many angles.

The Battlefield Vietnam website provides a useful Vietnam War timeline and history of the war. There are more useful Vietnam war sites listed at the end of this page. We've also included a brief Vietnam War History article which is a concise article describing the origins of the war and some of the main events. Please note that such historical articles can be quite subjective.

This site is about travel in Vietnam and the first thing that we must tell you is that there is no hangover from the war as far as the people of Vietnam and tourism is concerned. Throughout the nation you will be warmly welcomed by the locals irrespective of your nationality. Under no circumstances should you fear what awaits you on arrival in Vietnam.

Vietnam Tourism is big business and everyone is welcome.

What we can provide here is information on Vietnam war sites which are considered of interest to tourists so here goes ...

Vietnam War Sites and Sights

Cu Chi Tunnels

This is the essential half day excursion from Ho Chi Minh City where the Viet Cong dug a complex 250km network of tunnels which allowed them to move right underneath US bases.

DMZ (Demilitarised Zone)

Day excursions from Hué take you to what was a no man's land located at the 17th parallel which divided North and South Vietnam. Ironically it became the world's most militarised zone.

Vinh Moc Tunnels

These tunnels are the genuine article which haven't been changed for the tourists as is the case at Cu Chi. Located just north of the DMZ so again accessible from Hué.

Ho Chi Minh Trail

This was the supply route from the North to the South along which (somehow) men and arms were moved in large quantities to help the march towards Saigon. We saw part of the trail whilst travelling north through the Central Highlands.

Danang Beach

A favourite spot among US servicemen who headed there for R&R (rest and relaxation). It is near Danang.

Hue Citadel

In 1968 this ancient citadel was largely destroyed as a 3 week battle came to and end and US forces retook control from the North Vietnamese.

Khe Sanh

This is the site of the most famous and most controversial battles of the war where 10,000 North Vietnamese died. A 75 day siege here required a huge redeployment of US and South Vietnamese resources to protect the combat base. It turned out that the siege was a diversionary tactic to relieve population centres in South Vietnam of military resources in preparation for the Tet Offensive. It lies on Highway 9 to the south of the DMZ.

My Lai

The most horrendous of all the atrocities that came to light during the war where hundreds of people from this small villages were massacred by US soldiers. The site is 14km from Quang Trung just off Highway 1 in the south-central coastal region.

Useful Vietnam War Resources

The Vietnam War

A quite unique website which presents the history of the Vietnam war in the form of a picture essay which depicts the awful conditions experienced by soldiers from both sides.

Vietnam War - Wikipedia

This online encyclopedia describes the main events of the war in some detail.