A medley of adventurous activities on a Vietnam Holiday

18, July, 2013

 A medley of adventurous activities on a Vietnam Holiday

All the adventure lovers out there, aren't you want to experience something special and thrilling while you are on your Vietnam holidays! Now, if these are the things what you want to have then a Vietnam holiday is the perfect option to have a break, for all the adventurous freaks. 

Now coming to the list of activities that are more preferable by millions of visitors, lets have a look at the amazing options.

•    Cycling and motor biking

These are considered as the perfect way to enjoy your Vietnam holidays. Get a chance to explore the country while speeding along the coastline with the wind in your hair. Give it a try to experience all that Vietnam has to offer like rugged mountains, glorious coasts, lush valleys and vibrant villages. Warm up on the sweeping valley roads with your motorbikes before heading up to the northern highlands. Enjoy a thrilling ride on the valley roads and absorb the mountain scenery, dramatic passes and rocky ravines as well as the odd hidden lake located away amongst the peaks. And if you love to rely on simple pedal power, then you can go for a bicycle tour also. You can get so many chances around the Dalat region in the south which offers an adventurous ride through lush landscapes past the stunning Victory Lake and into the mountain stretches beyond. And wherever you end up, you're guaranteed to get a unique experience of a close interaction with the local tribes and culture.

•    Hiking and jungle trekking
And if you want to have a look at the phenomenal views, then go for hiking and jungle trekking. These will offer you a chance to explore Vietnam's incredible natural beauty on foot and enjoy the slow, relaxed walk. Whether you want to tread across the wooded mountains in the north, the stunning vistas of the Central Highlands or amidst the verdant Mekong Delta, you'll get all the things with the Vietnam perfect holiday. Come here to visit Yodon National Park, one of Vietnam's largest nature reserves and possesses some of the country's most enchanting trails, having various varieties of flora and fauna.

And if you want to take a walk on the wild side to explore the natural beauties and venture into the jungle, then go for trekking around the Sapa Highlands or in Bach Ma and Cuc Phuong National Parks.

So, come here to splash out your summer blues on your Vietnam holiday. Ha Long Bay is the ideal spot for the populace which is craving for some water sport adventures. That's a Kayaking trip is considered as a common and fun way to explore the bay, with its many caves, groves and limestone. Visit the enchanting Three Lagoons or the unique floating villages. Even Vietnam is also the ideal location for scuba diving! Enjoy diving in the crystal waters and fine white sands of Nha Trang. The Electric Nose, Moray Beach and the Madonna Rock are popular diving sites. 

So, plan your holiday trip today to have a memorable experience.