Vietnam art and crafts For the Ultimate Indulgence

13, August, 2013

Vietnam art and crafts For the Ultimate Indulgence

Want to know more about Vietnam’s extravagances? Then, have a look at following write up on Vietnamese art and craft. It’s a country rich in handicraft products, thanks to the hardworking and creative Vietnamese populace. With about more than 2, 000 years of history, its handicraft products made by a local community of talented artists, have established a firm and growing place in the domestic and international markets.

For a very long time, Vietnam is well known for its handicraft products that have been a major source of cultural pride and income. As it’s too difficult to fully introduce varieties of handicraft products, only a few typical items are mentioned below.

So, plan your Vietnam tours to explore the treasure-house of traditional arts and crafts present here. This place is rich in traditional arts and crafts. You’ll find various kinds of artworks here like:

• Lacquerware
In Vietnam lacquerware is a good example of the craft evolution. As this art is basically from China, Vietnamese craftsmen have expertise in the skill of creating highly-polished articles by coating them with several layers of resin. You’ll find the influences from all over Asia and beyond in pagodas and temples, delicate items of polished furniture, large wall-hung artworks, etc. as these are all being created by modern craftspeople with brilliant colors and attractive designs.

• Wood and stone carving
Here you can see the tradition of wood carving in Vietnamese statuary, furniture, architecture and ornaments. Generally, these are heavily designed and often stained to various dark shades.
The presence of high-grade limestone and the early influences of the Hindu civilization of the Cham people have encouraged the traditional stone carving. Previously, the craft was closely associated with the royal and religious buildings, but is now it is more often expressed in public statuary.

• Craft villages
Traditionally, Vietnam is known as the ‘craft village’, small communities where the inhabitants work together to manufacture various craft articles. Most of them are located in the north, mostly clustered around Hanoi.

• Ethnic crafts
The richness and diversity of ethnic Vietnamese craft can be seen in many galleries of Vietnam. Advanced skills like embroidery, batik, appliqué work, etc. makes all these things possible.

• Music

Vietnam’s musical traditions are associated with religious ceremonial and ritual. The Kinh majority group has a distinctive musical tradition.

• Architecture
The religious and royal building construction has always been regarded as a prominent art form of Vietnam. So, if you want to know more about Vietnam traditional art and craft, then plan out your next vacation here.