The fantastic wholesome extravagance in Vietnam

15, August, 2013

The fantastic wholesome extravagance in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful nation located in South East Asia. It's popular for its festivals, which are communal cultural events consisting of ritual ceremonies and entertaining activities. Ritual ceremonies are a way to express respect towards various gods, reflecting aspirations for a happy and wealthy life. Whereas on the other side the entertaining part comes from ordinary and usual activities of Vietnamese populace. Festivals are divided into four main categories like folk, historical, religious and foreign festivals derive from other countries.  And if you want to know more about it in details, then Vietnam holiday is the perfect option.

If you are looking for a fantastic wholesome extravagance in Vietnam then come here to enjoy its festival. Though there is a huge list of festivals available that are celebrated in Vietnam but the most important one is the Lunar New Year, well known as Tet Nguyen Dan, usually abbreviated to Tet. Vietnamese populace spends a lot of time preparing for Tet, by cleaning their space and preparing special foods.

The new year celebration starts at midnight. People light firecrackers and bang drums in order to frighten away the devil. On this special occasion homes are traditionally decorated with peach blossom. It is absolutely restricted to sweep up your home during the first three days of the holiday as the good luck may sweep away. You can have special dishes during Tet that include 'banh chung', sticky rice with meat, wrapped in banana leaves; pickles and a dish of pork stewed in coconut juice. Consumption of duck and shrimp are totally banned at this time as they are considered as unlucky.

Other Vietnamese public holidays include the 30th of April, known as Victory Day, held to remember the fall of Saigon in 1975 and the reunion of the two Vietnams.

Similarly, International Workers' Day is ceremonialized on the 1st of May. Likewise, September 2nd is observed as the Vietnam's Independence Day, in order to recollect the memories of declaration of independence from France and Japan in 1945.

The same way there are some other festivals which Vietnam celebrates but are not public holidays entail International Women's Day on the 8th of March and Teacher's Day on November 20th. Just like that January 1st is a public holiday here. Similarly, several festivals which Vietnam celebrates follow the traditional lunar calendar include Thanh Minh, time to remember ancestors. That's why most people will visit the graves and make offerings.

Coming to the other end of extravagance the nightlife in Vietnam is changing dramatically. Big cities are now stuffed with lively pubs, clubs and bars, similar to the popular tourist destinations. Here nighttime entertainment includes the famous Vietnamese Water Puppet Show and traditional dance shows.

So, if you want to catch more on its cultural and social life then plan your holidays now!!!