Son Tra Peninsula: Vietnam's most favorite vacation place

15, August, 2013

Son Tra Peninsula: Vietnam's most favorite vacation place

Surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, Son Tra Peninsula is known as the jewel of Da Nang City. With extended white sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean water, this popular tourist beach destination abounds with natural wonders and is a must-see attracting for beach lovers.

Situated about 6km drive away from the downtown of Da Nang City, Son Tra Natural Reserve with its dense forests has been attracting millions tourists each year. Peninsula is known as a huge wall that protects the city from surges during storm season.

After the freedom of South Vietnam in 1975, Son Tra Peninsula was remained unmanaged. That’s why the forests were heavily destroyed. However, now the local authority was aware of their essential impact and set further appropriate actions to protect the forests.

Now, Son Tra Nature Reserve located on Son Tra Peninsula flourishes with an eco-system of coastal tropical forests which is protected under the Vietnamese national regulations for forbidden forests. Around 60% of the forest land here are primeval forests that includes endemic species of peninsula forests and many fruit trees.

It has another unique feature, the existence of 12 herds of brown-legged langurs, which is an extremely rare species with only 200 individuals. Also you can find some other rare species such as the yellow monkey, muntjac, wild boar, red-faced monkey and musk-deer as well as 106 species of birds including the silver pheasant and 23 species of reptiles with countless species of insects.

This place is consists of three mountains like Hon Nghe, Hon Mo Dieu and Hon Co Ngua, that link together to become a single mountain range which is 13km long, stretching towards the northeast and southeast.

Come here to enjoy four seasons in one day such as spring in the morning hours, summer at noon, autumn in the peak hours of afternoon, and winter in the evening. While in the afternoon, the clouds coming from Hai Van Quan fill on the peaks, making Son Tra Peninsula like float amidst. Forests and the sea can be visible through a hazy mist. And when there is sunshine, the beautiful beaches are visible where you can enjoy fishing and diving to enjoy seeing corals.

In spring, enjoy the marvelous natural beauty by standing at the top of Son Tra. While at night the city becomes more beautiful due to the sparkling colorful lights.

The entire above thing makes it a favorite tourist destination in Vietnam. Isn’t it a perfect place to start with your Vietnam tours!