Vietnam - A wonderful destination to travel

12, November, 2013

Vietnam - A wonderful destination to travel

Vietnam is a wonderful friendly nation in Southeast Asia. Its color, chaos and natural beauty bring a new experience every day. You can feel your senses come alive as you walk Hanoi's crazy streets, sail on majestic Halong Bay, and visit the other-worldly villages of Sapa. The amazing food, people, sights and history of the nation keep even the most seasoned traveler coming back for more.

Vietnam is striving to develop its economy and is becoming a tourist paradise. Tourism revenue is increasing every year and the country is getting popular for its famous places and lovely people.

You can be the lucky tourists who can take advantage of a last minute price cut. Travel with and we assure you that Vietnam will be interesting with lavish good treatment beyond your expectation. That included swimming in the South China Sea at a lonely beach and eating fresh seafood excavated out of the sea just minutes earlier.

Few countries are so richly endowed by nature. Visiting Vietnam you can understand why the Vietnamese people fought so heroically to win their independence. The breathtaking landscapes include Halong Bay, which is one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the country. The Bay is such an incredible sight that when you will see it, thinking will come to your mind that it isn't real. It will look like an imaginary movie location. Over 3,000 jagged hills were engraved by the rain to form caves, sinkholes, and sinking streams. The stunning Halong Bay is unique because of the sea invaded the hills, making for fabulous marine beauty and rich fishing sites.

The eastern side of the nation has wonderful beaches, amazing ocean bays and productive fishing villages. The western part of the country runs across mountains beaming with a soft green covering. The treasure of Vietnam is its people. The Vietnamese are pleasant and welcoming people. Their high moral values are shown in their love and respect for seniors.

Education and university students:

One of the most enjoyable moments of your Vietnam trip will be at the University of Dalat in an interchange with students. Students of Vietnam are eager to practice English conversation with the visitors. They are also curious about the visitors from the United States. The future of the country depends on raising the technical and scientific level of the economy. Teachers are respected and, as in all countries, they work very hard for the development of the country.


You are not surprised to learn that Vietnam is a large exporter of rice, which is second only to China. During your Vietnam trip you will get to know The Red River and Mekong deltas, which are very fertile with at least three crops a year in the South. But you will be surprised to know that Vietnam exports more coffee than any other country except Brazil. You can vouch for the excellence of Vietnam coffee, especially "weasel" coffee. It is not really from a weasel, but a palm civet cat that partly digests the coffee beans. Along with it is very carefully washed and that makes a rich, much desired-after drinking.

Have they recovered?

There is a common question in the mind of everyone and they think whether Vietnam has recovered from the terrific war or not. Probably the answer is, "Yes and no." The beautiful country is now enjoying peace after hundreds of years of wars for independence. For the development of the nation that peace is highly valued and most of the war damage has been cleared away.

Beautiful country, beautiful people:

Vietnam seems especially endowed with its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. The beauty of nature and its landscape in Vietnam are breathtaking and guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate. But what make your Vietnam holiday a truly treasured experience is the Vietnamese people.

Your connections with the Vietnamese people will come easily and quickly. From your first day and travels throughout the country, you will receive warm welcomes from all the people. The hospitality of people is quite remarkable.

Travelling Vietnam with will be an amazing experience for all type of travelers.  With this Vietnam tour you will be left with so many lasting impressions-the gorgeous flowers, beautifully woven tapestries, delicious food, and the exquisite presentation of just about everything, evidenced everywhere: outdoor markets, historic buildings, monuments, temples and pagodas, tourist hotels, private residences, public parks and gardens, even roadside transforms.

So travel with and enjoy many memorable experiences of your visit with the people of Vietnam, but nothing will stand out more than what you heard from young and old throughout the country, with the passing of time the Vietnamese people's pride in their country and their national unity, and their expectations for the future and peace among all people in the world.