Disparate food preparation and ingredients of Vietnamese

14, November, 2013

Disparate food preparation and ingredients of Vietnamese

Vietnam is a long, narrow country in Southeast Asia. The country is famous for its natural beauty, food and sweet people. Food plays a major role in Vietnamese culture and everyday life of these people. Both the preparation and consumption of meals is serious business in this country, and often connected to a long tradition of recipes that have been handed down through the generations. The people of the nation love to snack, and will never have to look far for a delicious meal when traveling.

They prepare several dishes and are placed on a tray or table that people sit around. Everyone have small bowls filled with rice, and then they take food from the trays as well as rice from their bowls with in which they dip their food. Popular dishes of Vietnamese include sautéed vegetables, tofu, and seafood-base chopsticks. These people often accompany these main dishes with leafy vegetables and small bowls of salty sauced broth with vegetables called canh, and a variety of fish, or meat dishes.

Typical Vietnamese food varies from one region of the country to another. In the north, spices are mild and the cuisine is known for its illusive flavors. In the central part, food is much spicier, and there is common use of ground chilies in every dish. Foods in the South Vietnam are known for its use of sugar and bean sprouts and often include spicy seasonings such as curry. Vietnamese diet varies with wealth; the poor often have limited amounts of protein in their diets and some only have the means to eat rice with a few leafy vegetables at every meal. All over the country people eat tropical fruits, stir fries, rice, and soups. During Vietnam trip, visitors will be simply amazed by the cuisine with disparate food preparation and ingredients of Vietnamese.

The major cities feature restaurants offering Vietnamese and international cuisines, but for most people, food consumed outside of the home is taken at small shops or street-side stalls that specialize in one dish. Among all the dishes, the most popular item is a noodle soup with a clear meat-based broth called pho. Most of the Vietnamese regard this as a national dish of Vietnam. Other foods commonly consumed at these sites include other types of rice or wheat noodle soups, rice porridge, steamed glutinous rice, and sweet desserts. Dishes such as dog or snake are regarded as male foods and many women avoid these foods. Some minority groups have taboos on the consumption of certain food items considered either sacred or impure.

Food consumption is a vital part of ritual celebrations in the nation. Generally, feasts are held by villagers after the conduct of rites dedicated to village guardian spirits. Feasts held after weddings and funerals remain large. The most popular feast items are chicken, pork, and vegetable dishes served with rice. Rice is the main grain for the Vietnamese people. Rice is eaten together with a variety of different dishes and is made from different kinds of rice. It can be served plain, sweetened, stir fried with meat vegetables, added to soups, made into rice cakes, or thin rice paper. Rice is eaten at almost every meal.

Beef and other meats are uncommon as they are too expensive and spoil easily without refrigeration. Instead, the Vietnamese eat seafood, frogs, eels, eggs, chicken, or pork and the occasional duck. In the mountains, they hunt birds and other animals, and eat or sell the meat obtained by them. Vegetables are grown on plots near the house when possible and that includes soybeans, onions, bamboo shoots, yams, and other roots. The common fruits in the country include coconuts, bananas, mangoes, and other tropical fruits. Soda, Tea, beer, and rice wine are the main beverages of the people. A common sauce is nuoc mam, which is a fish sauce used to flavor many things.

Vietnamese dishes of rice, vegetables, meat, and seafood are placed in the center of the dining table. People choose what they want, and mix them with their bowls of rice. The popular dish is soups, and also with mixtures of meats and vegetables. The people raise their up off the table to eat and always eat with chopsticks.

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