How to enjoy your holidays in Vietnam

29, November, 2013

How to enjoy your holidays in Vietnam

Many visitors in Vietnam find themselves scratch their heads at some stage, wonders that they have done a great mistake not visiting these stunning destinations. The beautiful country tends to extort the most varied reactions among travelers to the region. Vietnam has a great shoreline, yet the huge majority of visitors only touch the ocean in four towns -- Hoi An, Mui Ne, Nha Trang, and perhaps Vung Tau. The country offers a lot to enjoy here. Get out there and explore a bit!

If you are looking for an impressive vacation destination, consider Vietnam, one of the most beautiful countries where you can actually enjoy the beauty of nature. Based on our travel experience, Vietnam by far has the best beaches, including a diversified range of exciting cities, plenty of cheap and delicious food and an awesome nightlife.

Exploring can be more challenging and you will enjoy it. Language issues and the standard of accommodation may not be a problem there and these issues will be more than compensated for by the benefits received. The people of this country are a really friendly, hospitable bunch. No doubt you will get invited to weddings and festivals and will have a chance to eat and drink things you would probably prefer you hadn't, but that is what the Vietnam travel experience is all about.

With so much to offer, Vietnam sometimes confuses visitors at how to best enjoy the landscape, the culture, the cuisine and the activities held in the country. Vivutravel’s travel experience will help you develop a great idea on where you can start with your Vietnam Holidays: Here are some of the best ways to enjoy the country:

Taking a motor ride:
For tourists who possess great strength and stamina, as well as keep their interest in physical activities as well as adventure tours, then a motorcycle trip to highland area in Vietnam could be ideal for them to enjoy their best days during their Vietnam tours.

vietnam adventure tour

Rolling into a Vietnamese kitchen:
It could be a big mistake if tasting the delicious food of Vietnam and participating in their cooking class are not listed in your Vietnam travel agenda.

Lazing by the beach:
Vietnam has long seashore with many sublime beaches, so having a Vietnam trip to some of these tropical paradises is also one of most perfect ways to enjoy Vietnam.

Walking through the beautiful cities:
When tourists travel a city in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Hoi An or Ho Chi Minh City, roaming around is one of the best ways to explore the charm of the cities, as well as appreciate both prevalent and traditional aspects in these wonderful places.

The people of this country are strong, prudent and very hardworking. The coolest place is the most plentiful in foodstuffs. The architectural splendor of its temples and pagodas blend harmoniously with the beach scenery. Honeymooners, holidaymakers and everyone has a reason to experience the Vietnamese way of life. is an experienced and professional tour operator in Vietnam. Our wide range of services are inclusive of Vietnam packaged tours reservation, daily tours booking, flight reservation, train ticket booking, car booking, visa arrangements and more.

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