Exciting family tour to Vietnam can cherish life long

21, January, 2014

Exciting family tour to Vietnam can cherish life long

Vietnam is a rich country with cultural diversity and natural beauty that will offer you with some unbelievable glances. It offers different climatic zones, a healthy weather conditions and also amazing places to explore with good local dishes to try out. If you have been planning for Vietnam family tour from quite a long time but have no clue what all to add, then certainly, there are ample of things you can get to add in your travelling list which can certainly make your trip a mesmerizing one. There is no particular good or bad time to visit, just plan and go for it.

South, Central and coastal Vietnam offers plenty of areas to explore, enjoy and have fun with your family. Whether you have kids or not along, you will certainly get ample of activities to enjoy and know the tradition quite closely. If you tend to spend a pretty much hectic time in the busy city, then certainly a trip to Vietnam can prove out to be a relaxing one. So pack your bags and grab the best air flight and plan the exit Vietnam family tour today.

Vietnam is divided into three parts. Before you move to any of these areas, make sure you pretty much make yourself aware about the weather condition in all the areas.

• Central Vietnam: The place is often dry and warm specially lot more during May to October. It is located 1500 meters above sea level and has the heavy rainfall as compared to other areas.

• Coastal Vietnam: This part of Vietnam is located in the north east side. The areas are mostly under the rainfall and it rains heavily specially during September to January. Most of the time the climate here is a lot cold and drizzling.

• Southern Vietnam: the climate of this area matches with the Austria’s northern part. You will come across two seasons in which from May to November it is generally the wet season whereas from December to April it is the season of dryness. It is also known for the high humidity.

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Include the best Places in your Vietnam Family Tour:

Hanoi: Capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi offers all sorts of weather condition that too in an extreme manner. It is the second largest city after Ho Chi Minh and is known for the shopping areas and the local food, ancient temples, beautiful parks and cultural tradition that you can enjoy. Puppet theatre is the catching attraction of this town.

Hue: This place was earlier the capital of Vietnam. It is known for temples and royal palaces that are worth to watch.

Halong Bay: It is another famous attraction and to include in your Vietnam family vacation. Certainly enjoy a cruise ride with your family which is the attraction of this place. Besides, rock climbing and sea kayaking are other activities that you can do.

Ho Chi Minh City: It is the largest city of Vietnam and is known for the history of Vietnam War where you can visit different museums, enjoy shopping and nightlife too.

Mekong Delta: Located in the southernmost region, this place is known for the floating markets and multicultural population.

With so many destinations to visit, you can certainly make an exciting Vietnam family tour.