Make your Journey Stress free with the best Vietnam Travel Guide

27, January, 2014

Make your Journey Stress free with the best Vietnam Travel Guide

For the first-time travelers, a trip to Vietnam can be pretty much confusing and tiring if not planned properly. It is one such amazing country that offers lots many places to explore. However, to make your journey a stress free one, here is the best Vietnam travel guide that can help you reach the entire desired destination without spending money unnecessarily. Located on the north and west side border of China, Vietnam is known for the scenic beauty which it offers.  Taking into consideration, different beautiful places, Vietnam is now also considered as UNESCO World Heritage site which you must not give it a miss. Though this place could not efficiently market the country as prime tourist spot but has certainly grabbed the attention of many visitors let’s take a look at the reason behind 

An easy Vietnam Travel Guide

Arrange for the Visa

For national like Japan, Korea, Finland, Denmark and Russia, to apply for Vietnam visa is not necessary. They can live in this city for 15 days without visa. However, citizens from Singapore and Thailand can stay in this country up to 30 days visa. Other than this, people from other country need to take out the visa to enjoy the stay. For the single vista, it may cost up to $90 where if you take the multiple entry, it may cost you to $170 which is valid for 3 months. When you plan for Vietnam, Remember, the fees is not being publicly published by the visitor, however to get its details, you can visit the Vietnamese embassy located in your country.

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Get the best transportation facility to start with the Vietnam travel

  • Airlines: There are many great airlines which you can get to reach Vietnam. Fly to this place from different international locations like Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Doha and Hong Kong as well.
  • Bus: For the travellers from Cambodia, there are many bus routes variable which reaches to Ho Chi Minh City Phnom Penh. Beware about the bus scammers who try to charge foreigners $5 simply to get the visa on arrival. Mai Linh Bus and Mekong Express are the best bus service and the reliable one to opt.
  • Train: If you are travelling from China or Nanning, you can catch a train that stops directly at Hanoi.

Choose the best Vietnam Travel Guide: there are many honest and hardworking people who can guide you in your trip. Look for the one who is street smart and knows every corner of the country which you can explore and make your holiday an enjoyable one.

Vietnam is known for the amazing natural parks, breathtaking coastline, green blanket mountain and modern city with costrel diversity. Follow the best Vivutravel's guide and capture the best glance of the scenery which you can mesmerize with your loved ones. Certainly it is an amazing place to visit no matter in which season you go. Say good bye to the pretty hectic lifestyle by choosing the best Vietnam travel guide.