3 things to know before visiting Vietnam

28, January, 2014

3 things to know before visiting Vietnam

In this hectic lifestyle, certainly a good change or a relaxing trip can be quite helpful. There are so many wonders in the world to visit, Vietnam, is one such interesting place where you can explore out the nature, shop around and spend a quality time with your loved ones. If you are planning to visit Vietnam, then certainly there are few things which you need to know before making up the plan. Vietnam is the safest place to travel. However, to ensure that your trip is trouble free, plan the tour properly and enjoy the trip.

Plan up your activities, know the nature, know the people and take precaution accordingly. If you follow these tips, you will certainly enjoy your Vietnam tour. Take a look at 3 things you need to know before you plan for such tour

Taste the local Dish called Pho- but Spell it well

Pho- A popular local dish is quite famous here. However, many people misspelt it by calling it as ‘fo’. However the actual way to speak this word is ‘fur’ Make sure you say it correctly. Because in Vietnamese language ‘fo’ means the girl of the night. Pho is a traditional dish which generally people use to eat in morning. However, now you will find people eating this dish anytime. A must try out Pho dish is on Pasteur Street where you get Vietnamese noodle soup with Pho at the restaurant called Pho Hoa.

pho ly quoc su

Weather- you can never take its guarantee

Whether you are travelling from one end to another end of the country, you will at least for once encounter with rain during your Vietnam tour. However, such rain doesn’t last long. You can take a place to cover yourself for a while. It is not required to carry an umbrella. Otherwise, you can buy a poncho from the city as you get it at a cheap value. Generally, it rains frequently at places like Hue and Hoi An.

Try out the Public Transport- Be Careful with the traffic

As compared to any other country, public transport is far lot more cheaply here. The green bus cost around 4,000VND cheaper than the shuttle bus. Besides, the bus drivers ride it safe too. You will find the bus station for green bus in Saigon which is located near Ben Thanh Market. However, the traffic around this place is pretty bad and can take ample of your time as well.

Now that you have got a pretty much idea about the things you need to be aware when planning up your trip, ensure that you plan the trip carefully. Some tourist cry for the bad driving, not so good traffic, while some trust were not happy with the - aggressive street vendors and the bad attitude of the tour operators. Keep a note that every city and country has got plus and minus points. However, it does not mean that it’s not worth to visit the place. Vietnam is one such place where you can certainly enjoy each day if you go with a sensible planning.