Escape to the Magical Vietnamese Beaches

07, February, 2014

Escape to the Magical Vietnamese Beaches

The idyllic tropical beaches of Vietnam have long been a favorite amongst locals and audacious travelers. In recent years, the beach scene has inescapably expanded as foreigners discover the turquoise waters and unique scuba diving along the country's central and south coast. While there are plenty of well-equipped resorts, speculators can find convenient budget resorts and even some unobtrusive beach towns still unaffected by developers.

Verdurous rice fields, blindingly-white beaches and landscape are as dramatic as described in its history. Once blanketed under the covers of socialism, Vietnam long ago drew back the extinction to invite the world for struggle. Some of the affable locals on earth are happy to have you share their sand, in one of the most developing and alluring countries in Asia.

The foods are delicious and during your Vietnam tour you are guaranteed a fabulous fill-up at any street stall selling Pho - Vietnam's aromatic noodle soup that hardly runs more than buck a bowl. Along with the delightful cuisine you will visit Vietnam with its famous beaches, where you can relax and enjoy by exploring the most beautiful places of the country.

The beaches are pristine, the reef snorkeling impressive and the appetizing fare alone worth the journey to Vietnam. The island is loaded with breathtaking beaches, but some of the beaches are prettiest enough to enjoy.

Nha Trang:
Notably home to Rainbow Divers, NhaTrang is a busy beach area known for its endless days of sunshine. Divers explore hard and soft beaches, cavities and walls for some of the best diving in the South China Sea. Experiences above water include kite surfing, wakeboarding, and banana boat rides.

Danang Beach was once the fighting area during the Vietnam War and now it is famous for its great beaches with scuba diving, notable surfing, and even a swanky resort. The white sands are framed by coconut palms and natural pines, the perfect scenery for a morning tai chi class or just lounging on the beach.

Doc Let:
Doc Let is just 30 miles from the bustling beach town NhaTrang, but it offers a vastly different beach experience to all. There are also few tourist facilities available, which make this a popular choice with renegade travelers looking to forgo the crowds to settle into a beach paradise with lots of peace and quiet.

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