Best Ways to Understand The Vietnamese Culture

03, July, 2014

Best Ways to Understand The Vietnamese Culture

People are traveling to Vietnam for many reasons, but if you are looking for the highlight of the country. It must be the unique culture of Vietmam that gives you some memorable experience for life! How to  learn, see and experience Vietnamese culture in a great way? This is not difficult, but easy to miss. Below are some of our suggestions for your Vietnam travel.

1. Try Vietnamese food: It is one of the best and most delicious foods in the world. The food is the balance of Yin and Yang, very healthy and has a lot of philosophy in the way we cook, eat and enjoy food. Your holiday is less beautiful if you do not try "Pho - bowl of heaven", "Cha Ca La Vong", "rice noodle with beef", "sticky rice cake", " spring roll"...

2. Try the local drinks: Rice wine or local beer are very tasty and good to try. When drinking, let learn how we make it, the way Vietnamese drink wine or beer is very interesting, or how we drink in some special events like wedding party, festivals.

3. Visit a local family: One of the most interesting visits during your visit in Vietnam when you can see daily life of a family, learn about Vietnamese family's structure, family relationships, generations, worship...

4. Stay overnight in a homestay: This is the best way to experience Vietnamese culture with a local family for 1-2 nights. Sapa, Mai Chau, Hoi An, Mekong Delta are the best addresses for you.

5. See festivals: During your holiday, if there is any festival that you can see on the way, just stop and join the locals. It will be great experience. Some big festivals in Vietnam are: Lunar New Year (Tet), Perfume Pagoda Festival, Hung Kings Festival, Lim Festival..., basically, each village in Vietnam has their own festival once a year so you will have many opportunities.

6. Visit temples and pagodas: You will see some on your trip. Temples and pagoda keep a lot of traditional values of Vietnam and are always worth seeing.