Binh Minh Beach in Hoi An

Central Vietnam has a long history. The Champa Kingdom existed there many centuries ago and the trading port of Hoi An played an important role in its prosperity. Many Vietnam tour packages contain Hoi An, and anyone wanting a break on the coast during their itinerary should consider Binh Minh Beach which is just 12 kilometres from Hoi An. Vietnam beaches have earned a fine reputation and Binh Minh, literally meaning ‘’Sunrise’’ is quite rightly making a claim as a place for a Vietnam beach holiday.

binh minh beach in hoi an

The beach is 3 kilometres long and 100 metres wide, a substantial area of white sand looking out to clear blue waters that are completely safe. The waves are fairly small and the water shallow; it is a great place for water sports.

There are few nicer places to be around Hoi An on a hot day than Binh Minh Beach. You can be alone on such a vast area even if there are plenty of people with a similar idea to you. At weekends, there will be locals, but on weekdays the Beach tends to be very quiet unless it is holiday time.

There are plenty of things to do at Binh Minh including visiting nearby fishing villages. The seafood here is great and should be the first thing you look for on a menu. The best time to visit Binh Minh is between March and October when the sea is at its calmest. If you are touring Vietnam on an organised holiday then all the arrangements will be made in advance. Heading south from Hanoi, there are good road and rail connections while alternatively, you may fly into Danang, Vietnam’s third city, if you are going to concentrate on a holiday in central Vietnam. Either way, Binh Minh is very accessible and worth some of your time.

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