Binh Tien Beach in Ninh Thuan

This is one of the most beautiful settings in the whole of Ninh Thuan Province. It attracts locals and overseas tourists in search of a Vietnam beach holiday. Bien Tien itself is little more than a village shaded by coconut trees with the 3- kilometre beach a stunning sight of white sand with the clear blue sea gently lapping against it.

The seafood is wonderful; crabs and cuttlefish are local favourites sold in huts during the weeks of summer. The day starts early with a great sunrise revealing this lovely environment.

binh tien beach

There are still plenty of things to do in Binh Tien even if you find it difficult to leave the beach. If you hire a motor bike you will find yourself on empty roads surrounded by stunning scenery. The Binh Tien Beach is a good starting point for a 17-kilometre ride over a passto Vinh Hy, passing Nui Chua National Park en route. Binh Hung Island is just offshore and worth a trip. There are many phot opportunities on the route and plenty of places to stop and take them. All along the route there are quiet sandy beaches; stop wherever you wish.

The summer months are the best for visiting Binh Tien. When it comes to Vietnam weather, there is a monsoon season but that does not mean torrential rain every day. You can expect an afternoon shower but you would be unlucky if your holiday was spoilt by rain. Temperatures are good all year round and there is plenty of sunshine for you to develop your suntan. Binh Tien is still fairly quiet but it will surely become known more widely as tourists return from holiday and talk about it. It makes sense to go and see it now so talk to your Vietnam travel agent.

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