Cua Viet Beach in Quang Tri

Cua Viet Beach in Dong Ha City within Quang Tri Province is located in what was once known as the Demilitarized Zone during the Vietnam War. Many tourists visiting Vietnam come because of their interest in history, recent as well as ancient. Vietnam offers much more and increasingly people are enjoying Vietnam beaches as part of their itinerary. The white sand, clear blue water and gentle breezes make Cua Viet a place to spend some time simply relaxing.
This is Central Vietnam where the country narrows, west to east, and anyone travelling the length of the country, north to south, passes through Quang Tri, down towards the centre of Vietnam.

cua viet beach

The national transport infrastructure is excellent and if you are planning a comprehensive Vietnam tour package with a local agent, it is likely that you will be able to spend some time here. The east west route from Laos crosses the north-south highway here.

In common with many coastal regions of Vietnam, fishing is a major activity and if there is one piece of advice to give a visitor it is to sample the seafood. Tuna, mackerel and squid are the main species that boost the local economy. Inland there are mountains, with a narrow coastal strip and great sand dunes. The river courses are short and fairly steep making the Province well worth exploring if you are looking for things to do at Cua Viet away from the beach.

Vietnam weather varies by region. In this part of the country, temperatures are generally high.

The southwest monsoon hits the region between March and September but it does not mean rain; there is often drought. The rain follows when the northeast monsoon becomes the major factor and flooding is common so perhaps this is a time to avoid Cua Viet and Quang Tri Province.

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