Dai Lanh Beach in Nha Trang

Vietnam beaches have come a popular tourist destination in recent years. The Country has so much to offer so you can combine a Vietnam beach holiday with a chance to also immerse yourself in the country’s history and culture. Many of the best coastal resorts are from the central part of Vietnam heading south. Dai Lanh is certainly a place to consider. The beach is 80 kilometres to the north of one of Vietnam’s coastal gems, Nha Trang.

dai lanh beach

Dai Lanh is in Khanh Hoa Province and its sandy beach is 4 kilometres long. The bay curves round and is a lovely setting in itself. It is a great place to swim; the seas are calm, warm and blue. There are plenty of things to do in Dai Lanh and swimming is just one of them. If you are enjoying a Vietnam family vacation, the kids will love the small fresh water stream coming down from the mountains; it is a lovely place for them to swim.

They are likely to love the local coconuts grown close by while the seafood is as fresh as it gets. Fish, snails and squid are on the menu and generally the prices are very reasonable. When it comes to a local speciality, try the hot pot made with squid; it comes fairly spicy so you need to tell the waiter how hot you like your food.

Dai Lanh’s popularity dates back to the Nguyen Dynasty in the 19th Century when King Minh Mang decided on its development.

Away from the beach there is an impressive lighthouse built by the French in 1890 on Varella Cape. It is 26.5 metres high and there are 108 wooden steps inside to take you to the top from where you can look over the immediate vicinity. If you want to do something a little different then watch the fishermen trying to catch eel. Even though few weigh more than 5 or 6 kilos, they put up a real fight. They live in deep caves but when the tide is right they can be lured out with bait and that is when the real fun starts.

If you just want to relax on Dai Lanh beach, that is fine. If you are enjoying touring throughout the country, you will have plenty of busy days so lie back and take in the rays to develop your suntan.

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