Ha My Beach in Hoi An

Ha My Beach is another of the Vietnam beaches that have yet to receive widespread recognition. It is bound to change as Vietnam beach holidays become more popular. Ha My is between Vietnam’s third city, Danang, and Hoi An, the ancient port that was so important to the Champa Kingdom many centuries ago.

ha my beach

The main people that find Ha My currently as those who decide to explore; perhaps hire a motor bike in Danang or Hoi An and decide to travel down the road. The Beach is just outside Hoi An in Dien Ban. It is not the closest beach to Hoi An either heading north or south. The closest beaches to Hoi An can be crowded so it is worth going a little further out of this popular tourist destination.

The sand is a beautiful white, clean and with no development in site unlike large stretches of this coastline. There is a restaurant however with seafood especially popular on the menu. There are rarely many people around and during a busy Vietnam schedule, it can be nice to get away from others in your free time.

The best time to visit Ha My is during the dry season which runs from December until April as the temperatures are starting to rise.  There are so many fascinating things to do and see in Hoi An, that Ha My is a place to simply relax and reflect on the many great experiences this old trading port of Hoi An provides. You may be heading north to south on a comprehensive tour of the Country or perhaps concentrating on Central Vietnam. If the latter is the case then Danang International Airport means it is easily accessible. If you are discussing a holiday with a Vietnam travel agent, why not mention Ha My Beach?

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