Lang Co Bay and Beach

Central Vietnam is a very attractive part of the Country. It contains two of the historical gems of Vietnam, Hue, the ancient Imperial Capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, and Hoi An, the major trading port of the Champa Kingdom many centuries before. There is also a lovely coastline with many of the best beaches in Vietnam. Lang Co Bay and Beach is certainly a place to consider for a Vietnam beach holidayand with Danang International Airport just a taxi ride away, they are certainly accessible.

There is a long stretch of white sand, fresh seafood and an interesting market. What more could anyone looking for a relaxing holiday need?

lang co bay

There are a few things to do at Lang Co if you want time away from the beach and lovely warm sea. There are some great views if you decide to hire a motor bike and explore. If you head south to Hai Van Pass, the views are great. A little further away there is Bach Ma National Park with some parts 1,450 metres above sea level. It is certainly cooler up there on a hot day. Elephant Springs offers nice cool water, mountain views and a natural stone waterslide which is great fun for kids. Lang Co Springs is an alternative choice while if you head for Ba Na Hills, there is a cable car ride that gives you a view of Danang, Hai Van Pass and the beach ahead.
When it comes to the best time to visit Lang Co, the main season when there is little likelihood of rain goes from December to April. There is plenty of variety in Vietnam weather, lowland to highland, north to south and you should enjoy the country anytime, even if you have the odd shower.

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