Ly Son Island and Beach in Quang Ngai

Ly Son and its lovely beach are 24 kilometres off the Vietnamese mainland. There are in fact 2 islands with the regular ferry travelling to the larger one, with a boat journey required to reach the smaller one. This is an uninhabited island which has lovely beaches.

There are ancient temples, shrines and pagodas on the large island so there a several things to do on Ly Son, other than lie on the beach. The natural environment is extremely scenic with impressive mountains while Thoi Loi Peak offers great views of the surrounding area, including the crystal blue sea and the sandy beaches.

ly son island

Even though the large island is fairly small, you can hire a motor bike to explore. One thing you will see is the farming; there are onion and garlic fields and these products are used in the local cuisine, as well of course as the daily catch. The beach is a great place for a BBQ and camping. The best time to visit Ly Son is between the months of June and September when the weather is largely sunny. The water is especially clear during these months so diving to explore the coral reefs is a real pleasure.

You cannot expect luxury on Ly Son. Electricity is only available a few hours a day. There is certainly every opportunity to relax on Ly Son and it may just be the place to reinvigorate yourself after a hectic schedule.

Ly Son is a 20- kilometre drive from Quang Ngai which itself is 130 kilometres from Da Nang, Vietnam’s third city in the Central Region of the Country. If you book a Vietnam travel package and ask for Ly Son to be included all transport and accommodation arrangements will be made in advance.

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