Minh Chau Beach - Quan Lan Island

Minh Chau Beach is not one of the most accessible beaches in Vietnam, but in some ways, that adds to its charm. It is on the island of Quan Lan which is 90 minutes by speedboat from Halong City in the north of Vietnam. It is an inhabited island with a few thousand living there fulltime with weekend visitors and tourists swelling the population. The island itself is fairly sandy and Minh Chau is on the northern side of the island.

quan lan beach

If you are looking for a quiet Vietnam beach holiday, then Minh Chau may be the place for you. It certainly ranks among the best of Vietnam beaches and although it takes time to get there, a trip over the lovely seas through Halong Bay is hardly a negative.

The boats dock in the south of the island from where you can get a charter boat or rent a motor bike to get you to Minh Chau. It is not a large island and you may prefer an ordinary cycle for exploring once you are there.

When it comes to the best things to do on Minh Chau, you canrent a kayak, go fishing or simply relax and take the odd swim. The sand is very soft and the water most inviting. There is basic accommodation and when it comes to dinner, you should look no further than the fresh seafood.

Quan Lan is an alternative to staying on the much more popular Cat Ba Island in Halong Bay. It very much depends on what you want. There will certainly be fewer people because of the relative remoteness of the island and you can enjoy Minh Chau Beach without any crowds around. The dry season starts late in the year and lasts until the end of May incidentally.

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