Mui Ne Beach

The proximity of Ho Chi Minh City as meant that Mui Ne has been able to develop from a tiny fishing village to one of the best places for a Vietnam beach holiday. There is well over 3,000 kilometres of coastline in Vietnam and not surprisingly as tourist numbers rise year after year, Vietnam beaches are being discovered on a regular basis. When it comes to the best time to visit Mui Ne Beach, it is perhaps better to turn the question on its head. There isn’t really a bad time with the climate of the southeast part of Vietnam warm all year round. There may be some rain from May around until the arrival of winter, but it may just be late afternoon showers so make an early start.

mui ne beach

The beach reveals itself as you journey over a hill in Phan Thiet and look down; Mui Ne is the crescent-shaped bay in front of you. A 15-kilometre strip of the coastline has been developed to cater for tourism. Back in 1995, Mui Ne was a place where people gathered to watch the eclipse and there is no doubt that the publicity it gained as a result has boosted its popularity.

Ho Chi Minh City is the closest international airport and many overseas’ tourists come into Vietnam that way. Those who book organised Vietnam tour packages starting in Ho Chi Minh City are likely to have Mui Ne on their itinerary. It means their travel arrangements and accommodation will be booked in advance. Including a beach destination in a Vietnam holiday does not mean you have to lie on the beach and sunbathe though there is nothing wrong with that.

There is a small harbour with the fishing boats that bring the daily catch to the restaurant tables. It does not come any fresher. Vietnam’s famous fish sauce is made here, and that smells anything but fresh. You can watch its production and it is certain to be used in the seafood dishes you sample at night. The local market will be selling everything from crab to octopus. If you need to work up an appetite why not go kitesurfing? Alternative explore the ever-shifting sand dunes or follow the Fairy Stream running through the forest and dunes. Be warned; you’ll need footwear because the sand can be very hot underfoot. You can surf or sail as well; the choice is yours!

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