Ninh Chu Beach in Ninh Thuan

Ninh Chu is near Phan Rang, south of the place that has become known as the Vietnamese Riviera, Nha Trang. When it comes to a Vietnam beach holiday, this region in the south of Vietnam is one of the first places to consider. The tourist infrastructure around Ninh Chu Beach has developed in recent years and there is plenty of accommodation now. If you are on an organised Vietnam tour package booked by a local agent, all the arrangements will be booked for you in advance.

ninh chu beach

There is actually a domestic airport in Nha Trang while Ho Chi Minh City’s airport is often the place where many overseas tourists begin their Vietnam holiday.  The road and rail links are good making Ninh Chu very accessible. There are times of the year when the beach is fairly quiet but Ninh Chu is very popular with locals come the summer months. When it comes to the Vietnam weather, temperatures are slightly lower in the winter. It can be windy and the sea is slightly cooler and often slightly rougher. Rain however is not really a factor at any time of year.

There is a beach club and several water sports for the active. Kiteboarding is one of the popular ones while there are paddle boats for rent. The water is shallow and great for children if you are on Vietnam holiday with kids.

When it comes to things to do in Ninh Chu away from the beach, there is an interesting temple but the main reason for visiting is simply being able to relax. If you have a busy Vietnam holiday itinerary, there will be times when you really don’t want to do anything other than recharge your batteries. The seafood is as fresh as it comes and the cuisine is generally typical Vietnamese.

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