Non Nuoc Beach in Danang

Danang is Vietnam’s third city. It was the site of much action during the Vietnam War but things have been quiet now for four decades as Danang and the surrounding region welcome more and more tourists. Those interest in Vietnam beaches need not travel far from Danang to enjoy one of the best, Non Nuoc which has been rated as one of the best anywhere; what better place for a Vietnam beach holiday?

non nuoc beach in danang

There is much more than the lovely white sand of Non Nuoc to attract visitors. The lovely seafood in nearby restaurants is certainly appealing while there is plenty of history and culture associated with the region. When it comes to the best things to do in Non Nuoc, surfers will enjoy this place, especially between the months of April and September when the waves are great without being too wild. The water temperatures are likely to be 25C and above so it’s fun to fall in anyway. There are two championship quality golf courses close by and plenty of excuses to go exploring on foot, bike or motor bike. You can actually walk to the Marble Mountains from the beach and explore the wonderful limestone caves. Local villagers are welcoming and there are pagodas and Buddhist sanctuaries to see as well.

This central part of Vietnam has become increasingly popular; there is Hue, the ancient Imperial Capital, the old Champa port of Hoi An as well as Danang itself. If you are booking an organised Vietnam travel package, why not ask to have Non Nuoc Beach included during your time in Central Vietnam? It will be a chance to relax from what can be a busy, albeit extremely interesting, itinerary. All transport and accommodation will be booked in advance so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the ride.

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