Phu Quoc beach

Phu Quoc Island in the South China Sea off the coast of Cambodia has developed extremely quickly. There is even an international airport now for visitors who may be coming direct from abroad. There are plenty of domestic flights as well of course. When it comes to Vietnam beaches, Phu Quoc is a major player and so if you decide on a Vietnam beach holiday, you should look closely at Phu Quoc.

When thinking about the best time to visit Phu Quoc you should realise that it will be warm all year round. There is a monsoon season though that may not involve any constant rain. If you want to be sure, the dry season starts in December and runs until the end of April and the arrival of the monsoon rains.

phu quoc beach

•    Dai Beach on the north west of the island is developing at this moment with a golf course, amusement park and fine accommodation a recent addition. The beach is fairly small but still worth a visit.

•    Vung Bau Beach sits in front of lush forest, just to the south of Dai Beach. It remains fairly quiet and a great place to swim and enjoy a picnic. There is thick grass so you can isolate yourself from anyone else.

•    Ong Lang Beach is on the west coast close to the main town on the Island, Duong Dong. It has led to the development of resort hotels so you will not be alone on the beach. The plus side is the availability of food and drink nearby.

•    Ganh Dau Beach is a lovely spot on the northwest tip of Phu Quoc. There is a small fishing village close by and a nice resort, restaurant and accommodation, has been built. A great place for lunch even if you are not staying.  

•    Sao & Khem Beach are at the opposite end of Phu Quoc. The former is very popular, the latter very quiet though that is changing.

•    Long Beach is just that; 20 kilometres along the southwest coast. It is slowly developing but it is still possible to find places to relax and just enjoy the environment.

•    Rach Tram & Rach Vem Beaches in the north are remote and therefore quieter than most. Locals still fish from here however so there may be some debris around. There is currently nowhere to stay which is a positive as well as a negative.

There are others; Thom, Cua Can and Vong Beaches for example. Take your pick.

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