Thien Cam Beach in Ha Tinh

When it comes to picking a family vacation, one of the popular holidays is always the beach. Vietnam has a great deal to offer and Vietnam beach holidays are now well-established.There is well over 3,000 kilometres of coastline in Vietnam and plenty of choice when it comes to beaches. The transport infrastructure, road and rail is excellent with routes hugging the coastline so all the popular beaches are very accessible. If you are booking a Vietnam travel package then you can ask about including beaches.

thien cam beach

If you are heading south from Hanoi you will pass through Ha Tinh Province where there is a beach that certainly deserves visitors. Thien Can Beach combines beauty with great appeal. It sits near Thien Can Mountain to create a lovely setting; overhead photos are especially stunning.

If you are looking for things to do in Thien Cam away from the beach, you should think about visiting Yen Lac Pagoda which was built back in the 13th Century. It is said that it was the favourite place of the First Hung King who enjoyed relaxing and listening to the sea. He gave it the name of Thien Cam which means ‘’Heaven’s Lute.’’ The name has stuck with the beach over many centuries.

There are two distinct seasons in Thien Cam. When it comes to the best time to visit Thien Cam, it is important to remember there is a wet and dry season; the dry season runs from mid-November all the way around to June so there is no reason to risk the rains unless you have to take a holiday at that time. Even in the rainy season you can expect many hours of sunshine.
Whether you simply want to relax or whether you fancy sailing, or something even more energetic, the curved beach of Thien Cam welcomes you.

Lobster and squid are just two highlights of the cuisine. If you walk north along the beach you will come to a fishing village, Cua Nhuong that has been there for around 500 years. The villagers are experts at making Vietnamese fish sauce which may not smell especially pleasant because the process involves aging and fermentation.  It is a major ingredient in many of Vietnam’s favourite fish dishes. A small bottle is a great present and something you will need in your kitchen if you are trying to replicate local recipes.

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