Thuan An Beach in Hue

Hue is the former Imperial Capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty. This was the period of French ‘’colonialism’’ in the 19th and 20th Centuries before independence. As a result, Hue is regularly included in Vietnam travel packages because of the interesting historical and cultural attractions. There is a great deal to see within Hue while the region itself has much to recommend it.

One of the most beautiful beaches in this part of the country is just a short drive away, Thuan An. If you are booking an organised tour, ask your Vietnam travel agent to include some time on the coast; that can include Thuan An while you enjoy Hue itself.

thuan an beach in hue

Vietnam beach holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years and the central part of Vietnam certainly has some beaches to visit. In the case of Thuan An, there has been little development to date but that can actually be an attraction. When it comes to the best time to visit Thuan An, people travelling in this part of the country between May and September should head there because it is much cooler on the beach than it will be in Hue itself.

You can get shade by hiring an umbrella and simply relax. At the end of the day, enjoy the variety of fresh seafood that has been caught the same day.

The transport infrastructure of Vietnam is excellent. There are good road and rail connections the length and breadth of Vietnam and if you have used a Vietnam travel agency, all your arrangements can be booked in advance. All such tours will involve some free time and it might be that while you are staying in Hue, Thuan An Beach is a day excursion. You will not regret using you free time by heading that way.

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