Van Chay Beach - Co To Island

Van Chay Beach is on the lovely island of Co To in the Gulf of Tonkin. There are a number of islands in the Gul, of which Co To is the largest, and it provides a setting that tourists are certain to enjoy if they make the effort to get there. Vietnam beach holidays are becoming increasingly popular, and although you may not want to spend a whole holiday on Co To, Van Chay certainly qualifies as a lovely spot when it comes to Vietnam beaches.

van chay beach co to island

You may just want to sunbathe and swim but if you are looking for things to do at Van Chay, you can leave the beach to explore the forests, visit the local fishing village and the memorial statue to the man who is seen as the inspiration of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. Rent a motor bike if you wish. The Co To Lighthouse is regarded as the island’s symbol and there are great views over Halong Bay from there.

The diving is excellent while at sunset and sunrise you will be able to take some lovely photographs.

The seafood is lovely and be certain not to miss this during your stay. You will take around three hours by boat to reach Co To so do not regard it as a day excursion. It is too nice just to stay for a few hours. You must seek the advice of your Vietnam travel agent because there is a military presence on the island and you will need to get permission to visit before you set out. That can be obtained in Halong City and applies only to foreigners.

If you intend to spend some time in North Vietnam, make the effort to go out to this lovely part of the Country and see what everyone is raving about.

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