Vinh Hy Bay in Ninh Thuan

There are many lovely places on the Vietnam coast close to Nha Trang. This town has become a focal point for locals and tourists in search of a Vietnam beach holiday. If you want to look for somewhere a little quieter then the lovely Vinh Hy Bay is certainly somewhere to consider. The lovely white sandy beaches sit below mountains where waterfalls, caves and forest are an added attraction. If you enjoy hiking, it is a great place to explore if you want a day away from the beach.

vinh hy bay

If you just want to relax on a Vietnam beach, you are welcome to do so but there are plenty of things to do in Vinh Hy Bay including exploring the coral reefs, simply cruising or perhaps doing a little fishing. There are a number of beaches to pick from and one way to get to the more remote ones is by boat. There is a national park nearby and you will be able to hire a motor bike to explore if you wish.

Vinh Hy is a natural harbour on the coast road where local fishing boats ply their trade. The seafood at the end of the day is as fresh as it comes, a further delight of spending time here.
If you wish to relax during a busy Vietnam holiday itinerary, this is certainly a place where you can do it. While it can get busy at weekends, it has yet to attract the numbers that go to other places on this coast.

If you book a Vietnam tour package, you should be able to discuss its content in advance with a travel agent who will advise you about the best places to see and the best things to do. In that case, all your transport and accommodation will be arranged in advance. When it comes to Vietnam weather, there is a rainy season but that does not mean that it rains for long periods every day. Such is the size of Vietnam, and the degrees of latitude it covers, north to south, that you will encounter different weather as you travel. When it comes to Vinh Hy Bay, there is no time in the year when you will not enjoy it, and is relatively tranquil atmosphere. With Nha Trang fairly close, the Bay is very accessible because of the excellent transport infrastructure in the Country.

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