Vung Tau Beach

Vung Tau sits on a peninsula with the Co May River separating it from the mainland. It is about two hours away from Ho Chi Minh City and hence it has become a popular tourist resort. The best time to visit Vung Tau is the dry season, December to April inclusive, although it is never quiet because it provides a great weekend escape from the City.

There are plenty of things to do in Vung Tau and its coastal location means one of those things is a Vietnam beach holiday. If you have an organised Vietnam travel package, all the arrangements will be made for you.

vung tau beach

Inevitably, the beaches have become a magnet for locals and tourists alike. There is a good deal of history in the region, and plenty to see but no one comes to Vung Tau without visiting the beach.

The beaches are busy and there is a sign warning against swimming in the eastern area, though the beach is good. There are in fact 4 different sections to the city’s beach with two of them being particularly busy.

•    Bãi Trước (Front Beach) is right in the middle of Vung Tau and stands between the Big and Small Mount. It is a popular place and people also often gather to see the sunset.

•    Bãi Sau (Back Beach) is the main beach for tourism in Vung Tau. It is 3 kilometres in length long and runs between the Small Mount to Paradise Park.

•    Bãi Dứa (Pineapple Beach) is a little beach off Hạ Long street by the Small Mount.

•    Bãi Dâu (Mulberry Beach) is another little beach to the west of Big Mount.

The latter two are accessible by going down from an elevated position above from which there are lovely views. Incidentally, the city’s lighthouse is another place that gives a view right across the Vung Tau. There are lovely pagodas to visit as well as colonial architecture built by the French well over a century ago.

Vung Tau offers everything a tourist enjoying a coastal holiday would want. You can go sailing, or involve yourself in water sports by day and enjoy the well-developed nightlife when the sun sets. That means excellent fresh seafood, bars and clubs. It is tiring enjoying yourself so you may not want a late night, especially if you want to make the most of the daylight hours.