Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach

General information

Known as a wild picturesque sea view, Lang Co is the ideal beach for summer vacation and wild beauty discovery!

Typically Vietnamese, Lang Co has a monsoon tropical climate, with two main wind directions, northwest one in winter and southeast one in summer. The annual average temperature is 25.2oC. Tourists should be known that it is hottest in June and July (aprx. 41oC), and coldest in December (aprx. 8.8oC). Annually, the beach has an average rainfall of 3,368 mm.

How to get there

Strategically situated inside the zone of 3 World Heritage Conservation Centers (Hue ancient citadel, Hoi An old town, and My Son holy land), Lang Co is only 30 kilometers from Da Nang, and 70 kilometers from Hue.

Things to do

As you may know, Lang Co is famous for its magnificent natural landscapes surrounded by mountains, tropical jungles, and the boundless blue sea with waves coming to the 8 or 9 - kilometer immaculate and fine sand, absorbing thousands of tourists. The picturesque sea view brought great inspiration for King Khai Dinh to write the epitaph “Royal step-over temple” and issued the decree to order the Ministry of Public Works to build a summer palace for recreation here. Lang Co beach is stretching along 1A Highway, easily found and favorable for tourists’ dropping off. For those fond of sea entertainment, this is actually a good choice thanks to the sloping sea, fine and clean sand, great moderate waves. Suggested activities are swimming, diving, sailing or more simply, relaxation by lying down on beaches. What is more, Lang Co is also popular for diversified beauty spots and delicacies. Right next to Lang co seaside is Hai Van Mount and Hai Van Quan, a famous Vietnam’s sightseeing. Along the mount foot, Lang Co sea is filled with coral, king shrimps, and numerous seafood of values. Inside the area, there lives a majestically captivating “Pearl Island” – Son Tra, where exists a series of wild species and flora. What lives behind the seaside? That is Bach Ma (White Horse) Mount and Lap An damp. The latter, with a quiet rounding road, is an ideal bicycle-riding place for those enjoying a mediative space. A number of other magnificient beauty spots, such as Bat Cave, Elephant Stream, Nhi Ho Fall, Dream Fall, etc. are extra activities for tourists to try after a busy day of joyful seaside entertainment.