Nightlife in Cat Ba island

Cat Ba Island in Vietnam’s Halong Bay is a lovely setting. It is included in many Vietnam travel packages with its location east of the capital, Hanoi, making it a place that those of a Vietnam customised tour are likely to visit early in their Vietnam holiday packages because Hanoi is a popular port of entry into Vietnam. Hanoi can be hectic but the Bay offers a peaceful contrast. The nightlife on Cat Ba Island is limited but no one seems to care because the reason to visit is nothing to do with late nights and music; the hours of daylight are far too valuable for that.

When it comes to places to visit in Vietnam, Halong Bay is a must; it is worth more than a few hours of your time. If you decide to stay overnight on Cat Ba Island, you may just decide to stay in your hotel and enjoy an evening meal. If you want to meet the locals you should go out to the town centre and just watch the world go by.

nightlife in cat ba island

There are some nice restaurants for a meal, Phuong Phuong and Phuong Nhung being good examples. If you go out after dinner at your hotel and fancy a drink, try:

•    Oasis Bar is a late bar with a sea view. There are billiards, darts and great music.

•    The Flightless Bird was the first bar on the island. It is named after the Kiwi, New Zealand’s famous bird; the owner is a New Zealander. The beer is good and the wine list includes wine from all over the world.

•    Rose Bar has a great range of drinks, with a good atmosphere created by the music and friendly young owner.

Next morning, it is up early to enjoy more of this wonderful location.

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