Spa and Massage in Cat Ba Island

Massage is an Asian tradition. While many may associate it with Thailand, it is just as traditional in Vietnam and while you are enjoying a Vietnam holiday, there is no better way to recover from a hectic day that to have a massage and simply relax. The environment of Halong Bay, and its main island, Cat Ba, is certainly conducive to relaxation but if you are especially active during your Vietnam customised holiday, then you may get tired. Book a massage and you will be ready for the next day.

Whatever your age, you will enjoy a massage. If you are on a Vietnam family vacation, even the youngsters will have fun. There are plenty of things to do in Vietnamand while on Cat Ba Island look at these places for a spa and massage:

spa and massage in cat ba island

•    Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa is a hotel close to Cat Ba Town Centre and has its own private beach. After a busy day, the spa is a popular destination.

•    Harmony in Monkey Island Resort also has a private beachfront with lovely wooden bungalow accommodation and great leisure facilities.

•    Cat Ba Princes Hotel is happy to arrange tours for guests who on their return can get a massage to help recover from a busy day.

•    Phuong Mai Family Hotel on ¼ Street is an inexpensive hotel and among the facilities on offer there is an excellent massage.

•    Khach San Sea Pearl Cat Ba with its sauna and massage facilities is another relaxing hotel looking out on Lan Ha Bay.

•    Cat Ba Sunrise Resort near to the beach is a popular hotel with spa and massage facilities.

Cat Ba is often one of the first places where tourists go after starting their Vietnam holiday in Hanoi. While you are there, take the chance to have a massage.

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