Things to do in Cat Ba island

Halong Bay is one of the highlights of any Vietnam tour package. It is on Vietnam’s north east coast, due east from the Capital Hanoi. There are many islands in the Bay and by some margin, Cat Ba is the largest and most visited. Every Vietnam family vacation should include Halong Bay and Cat Ba because it has so much to offer every member of a family.The starting point of many packages is Hanoi, and as soon as you head east out of the Capital, you are in rural countryside and your adventure continues.

The location of Halong Bay is stunning and photographs of the Bay and its islands are regularly used to advertise Vietnam holidays; you may just want to relax and take in the surroundings. However, those surroundings may well inspire you to action:

things to do in cat ba

•    Hiking. Almost half of the island is covered by the National Park of the same name. It is home to the endangered golden headed langur and although you may not catch a glimpse of this rare primate, you are certain to enjoy hiking in the Park. If you enjoy rock climbing there are plenty of challenges offered by the limestone karsts.

•    Cycling. You will be able to hire a cycle to explore the island if you don’t want to do it on foot. The island has some hills so if you want to cycle any distance you must have gears. There is a coastal road round the island that is a great trip. There are also motorbikes for rent if you have limited time and want to get around more quickly.

•    Swimming. Relax and sunbathe because you are likely to have a busy Vietnam tour itinerary but there is every reason to go swimming to cool off.

•    Snorkelling. The National Parks also covers marine areas. Snorkelling and diving can reveal what is under the waves.

•    Kayaking allows you to explore under your own ‘’steam.’’ Lan Ha Bay is lovely and perfectly safe, even for novices.

•    Cruising on a traditional junk is very relaxing but can be combined with any of the activities already mentioned. You should not just cruise for a few hours because one of the real pleasures is to spend a night aboard in Lan Ha Bay. On a clear night, the stars are fantastic and while the design of the boat is traditional, you can expect genuine comfort.

The best time to visit in Vietnam depends on your priorities because the climate varies between north and south, as well as highland and lowland.  In the case of Cat Ba, the hottest months from May to September are also the wettest. However, they are also the months with the most sunshine.  There are plenty of things to do in Vietnam and while you are in the north, you must visit Cat Ba Island in Halong Bay. You can organize your Vietnam holiday with an experienced Vietnam travel agent who will arrange your time in Halong Bay to suit your specific interests.