Chau Doc

Chau Doc in the heart of the Mekong Delta is a great place for those on Vietnam family toursto learn more about the people of the region. There may not be a great number of attractions to photograph but if you enjoy markets, Chau Doc is the place for you. Everyone is naturally friendly as those on a holiday in Vietnam will find everywhere they go in the Country. This Chau Doc travel guide intends to tell you more.

This town is one of Vietnam’s links to Cambodia and many visitors pass through Chau Doc on their way to this neighbouring country.

How to get there
International travellers are likely to arrive by air in Ho Chi Minh City and head towards the Mekong Delta by bus. Likewise those in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh and wanting to travel overland to Vietnam can catch a bus direct down to Chau Doc. Alternatively it is possible to get a boat down the Mekong River.

Best time to visit
There are effectively just two seasons and all year round temperatures range from warm to hot. The monsoon season starts around May and for most afternoons for the next six months there are likely to be heavy afternoon showers and sometimes local flooding. The dry season follows.

chau doc travel guide

Things to see and do
This Chau Doc travel guiderecommends visitors enjoy both land and water.

One of the pleasures of visiting Chau Doc is simply walking around; the river bank is a popular spot. Locals are a little shy but may talk to you as you walk. You can head for the markets and must be prepared to haggle.

This region was inhabited by Muslim Cham in the 18th Century after they were forced out of other parts of Vietnam by the Vietnamese moving south. The result is that there are mosques to visit; Ehsan and Jamiul Azhar. A visit to an ethnic Cham village is certainly interesting.

Life and trade takes place on the water and it is a real experience to see it personally.

Mount Sam is fair close, the only high point in the region and it has temples and pagodas. The climb is worthwhile (only 230 metres) and the views over the Delta wonderful.

There is a Bird Sanctuary a little further away with many species to enjoy.

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There is a hotel on Mount Sam which is pleasant for an overnight stay if your Vietnam travel plans permit.Victoria Nui Sam Lodge only claims to be 3 Star but there can be no better place to relax with a coffee, or something stronger, to enjoy the sun as it sets.

There are budget guesthouses, hostels and hotels in the town itself though those on Vietnam travel packages will have all their arrangements in place before arrival.

Travel tips
Those on Vietnam tour packages are unlikely to need the services of the many locals offering help and tours. Just politely decline and that will cause no offence. Vietnam private tours will usually include the iconic Mekong Delta, and within it the lovely town of Chau Doc.

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