Recommended restaurants in Chau Doc

When it comes to dining in Chau Doc, there are two restaurants that stand out: Bay Bong and Bassac Restaurant. The latter is upscale compared to the former, but both serve exceptional dishes which are enough reason to try them.

Bay Bong is a favourite dining destination for good a reason. Tourists who have tasted the dishes cannot help but rave about the cuisine and not only is the food delicious, but they are also reasonably priced. One is served with mouth-watering hot pots, soups and fresh seafood fare and the canh chua (sweet and sour soup) and ca kho to (stewed fish in clay pot) are highly recommended.

Those who prefer a more sophisticated dining experience should head on over to the Victoria Chau Duc Hotel, where the Bassac Restaurant is located. Aside from amazing Vietnamese delicacies, its menu also includes a wide selection of international dishes. The dessert options in this place are impressive and diners can choose to eat either in the air-conditioned dining room or on the deck.

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