Shopping in Chau Doc

Shopping in Chau Doc

Shopping in Chau Doc

Since it is a market town, the shopping in Chau Doc and Long Xuyen is characterized by a larger than usual selection of merchandise. There is a large produce and consumables market, which tends to sell everything from local fruits and vegetables to black market goods smuggled in from Cambodia and Thailand.

If you’re continuing on to Cambodia, Chau Doc can be a good place to spend some of your remaining Vietnamese Dong!

This Chau Doc Shopping Guide gives a brief rundown of where and what to shop for while in the city. General shopping information about Vietnam, including some of the best local items to purchase, can be found on our Vietnam Shopping Guide. For information about meals and snacks available while shopping or just wandering about the city, take a look at our Chau Doc Restaurant Guide.

Chau Doc Shopping Guide

The market is the best starting point for any shopping expedition in Chau Doc. It offers a fantastic variety of goods, both from around Vietnam, and also from neighbouring Cambodia and Thailand. Some great bargains can be had, although you may need to haggle hard to get a good deal. The market spreads from the riverfront down and along Le Cong Thanh Doc, Phu Thu, Bach Dang and Chi Lang streets. Long Xuyen’s riverside marketplace is also well worth a visit, and is probably the highlight of a trip to the city.

Some of the various things which you may wish to purchase here include silk, which is fashioned into various articles of clothing and bags, as well as purchasing some of the numerous antiques or handicrafts on offer, or even perhaps some of the local embroidery.

It is also a great place to pick up some fresh produce, or even just for wandering around, observing the bustling local market scene. If you’re leaving Vietnam through Chau Doc, it is a good place to pick up those items that you kept wanting to buy in other towns but never quite got around to, or for getting rid of your remaining Vietnamese Dong.

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